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I would very much much like to hear your thoughts about Ihear medical and their iHEARMAX hearing aids. They cost about $350.00 each. Can someone give me some objective types of thoughts on these inexpensive hearing aids? I have read a bunch of subjective opinions like "You get what you pay for and remarks from people who have never looked at them (possibly audiologists) who will criticize just because they are less expensive.
Their web site is
Ihear medical
Please help in my search.
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I think a lot depends on your hearing loss (an audiogram would help) and your finances. If you’ve been struggling with your hearing and can’t afford hearing aids except these, I think these would be an improvement. If you could afford more, I think you’d have a better experience seeing a hearing aid professional.

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I have had two hearing tests. From from the Sam’s Club audiologist and one from a private audiologist who works with a ENT. I saw the doctor afterwards. He didn’t have much of an opinion on which hearing aids might help.
My test shows a mild loss, in my left ear and a much bigger loss in my right ear. I saw the doctor as I am concerned on why my hearing lose is not even between the ears.
I’m going to have another test at COSTCO next week.

A big question for me is Why would I have a better experience if I can afford more.?
Which would help my understand speech better in person, TV, phone and general hearing.

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The iHears might be “good enough,” but having a hearing aid professional fit you with more advanced hearing aids gives you a better chance for success (at least in my opinion)

Hi JT.

This is a good question. I took a long look at iHear, and read everything I could about them. They do have a lot of very positive customer feedback. Also note that the guy behind the company is a serial entrepreneur and created the Lyric hearing aids that are marketed by Oticon.

I think there is a good chance of a good outcome with them, and they could be a sign of things to come. If you can risk the cost it may be worth a try. Do they have a money back offer?

In my case I bought a pair of never used recent Phonak aids from a reputable seller on Ebay and will be playing with programming them. This is not for the non technical though…

I bought apair of Ihear hearing aids online through indiegogo ( even cheaper) about six weeks ago. I also bought the self programming equipment. They are working great,.
I have used hearing aids for about twelve years and i have had three different pair from different manufacturers in that time. All with the same ear molds.
I also have greater loss in one ear than the other although my left ear is the worst by about 20 to 30%. The technicians at ihear have been very helpful in helping me get my hearing aids adjusted . It has been a little bit of a struggle because i went too long before replacing my last set of hearing aids and i have had to relearn how to get used to the noises going on around me.
My advice to you is that if this is your first set of hearing aids go with a reputable audiologist who can help you through getting used to your hearing aids. If you have had hearing aids before then the ihear is a lot less expensive and they work great! Now if you can’t afford the more expensive ones, then definitely go with the ihear option of having them program the aids.
But get some kind of hearing aid as you lose you ability to discern sounds and conversations if you go to long without! Just my two cents!

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I trialed both the MAX & the HD. I really liked the HD; sounded great, was easy to program to my liking. But, they use proprietary batteries ($4/3). The website says they should last 9 days, but I was only able to get 3 days out of the batteries. So I returned them & trialed the MAX; was not able to get them to sound even as good as my old Hanstatons RIC. Customer support was responsive with several suggestions; but in the end I returned them & went with Signia Silks from buyhear.com. If the HDs didn’t have the expensive proprietary batteries, I would still have them.

I am vey happy to read some personal experiences with the iHear aids.
I honestly am trying to figure out why there is ANY reason to purchase t typical & 6,000 a pair hearing aids, even a $3,000 pair hearing aids?
I can understand if there are additional features like Bluetooth, etc.
But even an older technology like Bluetooth seems to hit the consumer with high costs on hearing aids.

Anyone else experience iHear, and iHear as compared to Costco or the typical multiple thousand dollar aides.

Unlike computer equipment or audio equipment, I don’t see published specs to guide us on what we are getting for our buck.

I received my iHear hearing aids about 3 weeks ago.

These ar my first hearing aids ever. I was putting it off - until I realized just how much I was missing.
I didn’t want to spend 1500 for a pair at Costco - even though this seemed reasonable.
I am an electrical engineer by education. I was interested in being able to adjust the settings myself.

So I bought the programmer as well. total cost about $1000 (260 per HA plus $150 for programmer and $80 for insurance including loss) The batteries are standard 312’s - I bought 64 online for about $15. Air Zinc - so they don’t start functioning until you remove the stickon label.

You connect to a web site, download the software and insert calibrated ear buds which connect to the $150 programming device - which in turns connects to your PC with a USB cable. You then run a program to test your hearing and create a data file. Its seems like a pretty standard hearing test of multiple frequencies and volume settings.

Once that is done, it stores that profile on their web site (accessible for ever and you can store numerous profiles).
You then start a second program to push the new settings into the HA. You connect the HAs with a special cable to the programmer.

I am not sure how much tweaking the user can do though. So far all I have seen is the ability to re-run your hearing test and uploading that into the HA. Not the adjustment of individual frequency volume levels for the four individual profiles selectable by touching the button on the HA.

I wish it had bluetooth to my iPhone though. But I am very happy with them - they are really helping. I hear so much more - have trouble hearing in movie theatres and trouble in noisy restaurants but still much better.

I hope this is of help.

Cap’n Jack