Ignore function


seriously, it’s better to not read some users, right? can we get it?

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You can suppress notifications from users by adding them to the Mute box in the Notifications section of your Preferences, but there’s currently no way to prevent their posts or topics from appearing on your screen as you browse the forum.


ok thx for the reply.


The software used for the forum is named Discourse. The forum here probably won’t get a function to completely ignore other users (beyond just muting notifications) until the people who develop Discourse add such function as part of the features built into Discourse. People have asked multiple times that Discourse get a function to ignore other users but it’s been rejected again and again. Here is an example of such request.


First off, all forum software sucks. It is impossible to duplicate a conversation electronically. There is lag and we miss the clues we get face to face.

DocJake on the old forum was just such an example of why an ignore function has mixed results. His abusive attitude was coupled to his having worked as a VA fitter/whatever and, at times, sharing important knowledge. Many people used the ignore function. When he was on topic and assisting he could be a great help,. Ignore in such threads lost the meat of the thread.

Ignore does save you from seeing the post of someone that makes your teeth grate. If it is abusive you can flag it and let management decide. But, you can also just go to the next post or laugh at the idiot.

Who hasn’t misread something in a forum? Who hasn’t had an off/grumpy morning? Who hasn’t been misunderstood in this imperfect medium? I think we can all raise a hand to all of those and more.

If it is an egregious example, management has the ability to ban.

Let me talk about @Um_bongo. He’s a clinic owner and a long time poster here. He gives us an insight into his world along with being very knowledgeable. Occasionally, Steven comes across as a bit snarky. It might be that I again posted something that was actually stupid and he’s dismayed. Or, he just might be at the end of a pressure-filled day. I also saw him apologize to someone yesterday. That can happen to any of us. Frankly, if I lived near him, I use his clinic in a heartbeat knowing he’s an outstanding provider and a good person that’s caring enough to have devoted years sharing his knowledge with us. I doubt anybody would really choose ignore but someone, who’d just arrived, thought they’d been insulted might. That’d be a huge loss.

Most of us arrive here dumb and scared with a why me attitude. I’ve seen people rapidly change here and grow to help others with their serious problems. It is the climate and sharing. That’s what is important here – even with the imperfect medium we have to use.


When I first saw the topic and post I initially thought well I’ll just ignore this then.
But now we seem to be having a conversation around ignoring things.
I see the use of the ignore function in other forums as a childish response like la la la I can’t hear you when someone is writing things that you don’t want to read and that you’ve decided that you just never want to read anything from them. I immediately saw docjake for the kind of poster he seemed to be and just skimmed over his snarky one liner quips scanning for anything useful. I agree he was helpful when he wanted to be but he was mostly snark. I still read or skimmed his posts though.

Indeed misreading things…that’s why I try to convey a joke or sarcasm with emoticons to let the reader know that that was the intention. Reading something as straight text can often get mis-interpreted without them.

As far as newbies…there’s no need to dump on them for the new, usually quite emotional experience they’re going through. Or the sticker shock of the prices. Sure time and again a newbie comes in and asks the same old questions yet again. Oh well. If you can point them to a previous thread then that helps them. Or the quick canned response. Or simply let them hang there surrounded by crickets. But slamming them for not spending hours scanning unrelated, irrelevant posts when they tried to search for something…well…that’s just rude. Leave it alone if you don’t care to help. Been there. I was new too. Still kinda am in comparison to many others here. But I sure have appreciated the help I have received. And so I try to return that favor to the next arrivals or anybody else as well as I am able.


if you simply don’t like somebody, or can see that he/she has a certain backround and will always circle around a certain point, the ignore function can help your temper deal with it.

Seeing some kind of posts and behaviour and always having to behave yourself is draining, there’s a good reason for ignore, especially in the internet.

So just grow up, isn’t really the answer for me.


How rage-inducing is it to simply skip over the post?


if the guy reminds you of a co worker, or somebody you can’t directly attack in your private life…

VERY :shark:


To skip the post and NOT induce the rage? Wow. I get being triggered and all but no one is forcing you to read the post.


you always read a little even if you just skip the post, which makes you not wanna click on the thread.

I have the feeling i’m debating a guy trying to get on a moral highground with much bigger quirks…


In the old days we could call each other names. Strangely, that did help.


Oh I have my own quirks and triggers as we all do. I just disagree with ignore functions.


the argument was that ignores tends to kill discussions, because you’ll never read from that person again and his/her good posts aren’t being seen.

same thing goes for no ignore, people don’t click on threads with said person, and conversasion with alot of people will be lost.

Not sure what the measurement is supposed to be, I guees gut feeling.