If We Treated Glasses Like Hearing Aids


Funny PSA-style ad from Signia:



I really don’t think hearing aids are looked down on by the public. At least not like 25 years ago. The expense is what has held them back in society.
Glasses can be very expensive too but cheaters (reading glasses) are available at most stores and pharmacies for much less money. I see hearing aids going this direction too.



I have RIC aids and as far as I know, no one has ever noticed them unless I tell them. Helps I’ve got big ears I guess.



I wear ITE half shell hearing aids and I don’t care if anyone sees them, I even tell just about everyone that I wear hearing aids and that I have issues with word recognition



“Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses.”

“Four eyes.”

There was a good bit of prejudice against people who had to wear glasses at one time. For all I know there still is.

No one’s ever noticed my RIC aids either, and my hair’s short enough they easily could. I think the fact that hearing aids often didn’t help people that much was a big part of the prejudice against them - big, unnatural pink, wearers were still saying, “Huh” a lot. Pretty easy to diss them.

Expense holds people back from trying aids, but I don’t think it contributes to a prejudice against them. I know so long as I thought the cost would approach $7,000 (and that’s the price I was quoted when I first inquired of an audiologist), I just abandoned the idea. Hmm. I guess you could say that gave me a prejudice against the HA industry. It was my regular doctor who recommended Costco to me. He said of his patients who wore aids, the ones who were happiest with them got them at Costco.



I disagree I never dated anyone that didn’t wear glasses. And I have worn glasses from age 8.

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Good on you, cvkemp! I heard the ‘guys don’t make passes’ comment aimed at me quite a bit, mostly from the ‘popular’ girls in middle school up into high school. Little kids don’t usually care if you wear glasses, it’s once they get bigger and want to start to make other kids look bad to make themselves looked better (I suppose?) that the mean comments usually come out.

The guys it seems have it easier, my brother started wearing glasses in middle school and everyone started asking him for help with their homework! He’s like “I didn’t get smarter, I just got vision correction…” :joy:

I did have my first negative comment on my HA today. A customer at work saw me adjusting my inner ear piece (comfort tip?) and said in a snotty voice, “You’re not listening to headphones at work, are you?” I replied, “No ma’am, I was just adjusting my hearing aid,” and she said, “Yeah right, honey! You’re way too young to need hearing aids!” I then asked her if she thought I was too young to need glasses, and explained that hearing and vision loss have no age requirement. She wasn’t even a customer I had been helping, she was with my coworker and thought she’d reprimand a seemingly slacking worker apparently. Why is it that anyone can wear glasses but HAs are for ‘older folks’? I am 32 and this woman was in her maybe late 60s.



At a party one person said to me, “I like your earrings”. I said they are hearing aids.



I find girls who wear glasses devastatingly attractive, for some reason. Categorically.

I’m always curious and interested when I see someone with a HA, but I don’t think it colors my opinion of them (except for maybe more positively!). I guess glass houses and all that.

I try to suspend judgement of people more than most.

I’ve had family members and friends with severe hearing impairment and I’ve found that with myself, it’s just a modification of communication style in order to get an exchange going. Not unlike talking to someone who speaks a different language with less than perfect comprehension of English.

I don’t look down on them for the accommodations I make in order to communicate. Perhaps other people do…



Only time folks know I have HAs is when I tell them. Plus one for Costco.



Many issues with eyesight can be fixed with LASIK surgery, which
I had 20 years ago.

If only my hearing loss could be fixed with surgery. I would do it in a minute!

This has nothing to do with being ashamed to be seen with hearing aids. I could care less about that. They simply don’t work as well addressing my hearing loss as glasses/contacts did addressing my bad eyesight.

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I was once told that the only people who notice hearingaids being worn are audiologists and other people who wear hearingaids.



Good point But as usual there are BUTS. Lucky you Lasik worked, BUT how many others it was a Nightmare. Not all procedures make one Whole again. Be grateful there are hearing aids that help. There is no perfect world or anything in it.



To your point, of course there are “buts” with any kind of surgery. I did my research and chose the best surgeon in my area. A lot of people go with the cheapest option they can find thus, the “nightmare” scenario. You get what you pay for.

I will be grateful when someone finds the answer to addressing hearing loss without the need for foreign objects in my ears. In my 10+ years of living with this hearing loss I don’t see much hope of that happening in my lifetime.

There is too much money to be made selling over-hyped, overpriced hearing aids that, at best merely make sounds louder, not clearer or natural. Believe me, I have done my research on hearing aids as I did for my LASIK. Technology will never be able to mirror natural hearing, in my opinion.



Maybe, but I catch people who don’t wear hearing aids looking at mine. Very odd why someone would want to stare at someone else’s ears.



It’s true for the most part… Like how you buy a Camry and see nothing but Camry’s when you drive off the lot.

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If only the biggest and ugliest glasses or any surgery could fix my vision like HAs or CI can do for my hearing loss - I would buy these glasses or let the op do in a minute!

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Dani, it’s true! So many people have losses that glasses or HAs can’t help. A lot of people also think that glasses fix all vision problems and everyone sees perfectly once they put them on, but some people will still see better than others even with the glasses! I have astigmatism, so even with my glasses everything is always slightly shifting. Small patterns like thin stripes close together or a tiny houndstooth or check pattern seem to jump around all over, and I often think it’s raining when I look out the window when it isn’t. It was worse when I wore contacts, even the ones made for astigmatism did not help much. Other people I know have extreme light sensitivity or colorblindness. (In my field of work I also have seen that everyone, even those who don’t wear glasses, see color differently, sometimes very differently!) Some people need bifocals, trifocals, special coatings, etc, and they still have trouble.

Glasses are just like HAs in that you only see as well as the little #1 or #2 lenses give you the option to. You will never know if it is as well as your partner or brother or neighbor sees with theirs because you can’t see through their eyes, it’s just the best you can see!

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I’ve started wearing RICs two months ago and people DEFINITELY notice my hearing aids. I’ve gotten comments from all the kids in my life, my friends, colleagues … I’ve even had a complete stranger shout after me in the street, “Hey, someone else who’s wearing hearing aids!” Most comments weren’t as rude as the ones in the video, but many people tended to be quite shocked that I would already need hearing aids (at age 37). At least in my case, it’s a total myth that RICs are “hardly noticeable”.