If my test was normal, why can't I hear?

My husband has been aggravated for a few months because I am always asking him to repeat himself. I accuse him of mumbling. I hear a rumble which is apparently him talking, but I don’t make out the words. I strain on my cell phone to make out words even though it’s at a normal level. I tell my husband that the TV is too loud sometimes, yet when he turns it back down I miss stuff. If there is other noise in the room I miss conversation. The other day I was in a room with 2 conversations going on around me and the radio on and I honestly couldn’t single out any particular voice. I just heard the rumbling. I Do have some light tinnitus too- ringing, flutters, roars, etc. The bass always seems to loud to me when men are talking on the radio. I have trouble hearing in the car when it has rained. I went to get my hearing checked at a Miracle Ear (free) and she only did the tone test because she said that it showed that my hearing was in normal range. My low Freq was a little off, but she said it was nothing major. If my hearing is “normal” why can’t I hear normally? I’m only 28 so I know it’s not just old age! My insurance kicks in first of Feb but I’m really struggling to figure this out now! I will be making an ENT appt for Feb for sure! Anyone have any idea?

sounds like an audio processing disorder

You need to get a hearing exam. The tone test is only part of a hearing test an audiologist gives.

Has anyone else had this happen? I know I have to go to the doc in Feb when the insurance kicks in but I’m nervous about it until then and just wonder if anyone else has had this happen.

You need to first see an ENT specialist and if that checks out okay then see an Audiologist for a thorough hearing exam. As was said above the tone test is a very incomplete test, you also need to be tested for speech comprehension. the fact that background noise interferes with your ability to comprehend words would be an indication of a hearing problem, but you need to be tested. Remember hearing loss is not just about volume.
My own personal input is regarding your husband’s attitude. He needs to understand this is not about him. He’s not the one dealing with this problem 24 hours a day. Tell him to stop getting aggravated and instead help you in dealing with your problem.

Thanks for the advice. It’s good to know that I’m not crazy and that something really could be wrong. She more or less dismissed me after the tone test and said “Sorry, you checked out normally. Low range was off a little but nothing to get a hearing aid over. Just tell your husband to start speaking up.” I was very discouraged because I KNOW something is not right. Hubby has been more understanding recently because at first it started out as a joke “Hey, I think I’m going to get you checked out because you don’t hear I word I say”. We realized after some time passed and it was still going on that there really could be a problem. In the last week or so he realizes how bad a stuggle with it. I think he’s just ready to have a solution as I am- it’s just mostly aggravating to not know what’s wrong. If the doc appts were so expensive I’d go now instead of waiting until Feb!

You should try to go as soon as possible. If you do have a sudden hearing loss, measures can be taken with medication that might restore some of your hearing. If you wait too long, the loss could be irreversable. Take it from someone who did wait too long…

Get a hint test, I have seen people with normal thresholds that needs
higher than normal Signal to noise ratio, …

the test has some normative data you will know if you will score within normal range age corrected

xbulder- could you explain that a little more to me? I’m not sure I follow you.

I’ll ring in with everyone else…

Go see an ENT and get a complete hearing evaluation.

Low freuency loss esp. in women can be an indicator of other issues.

Also, not all the people you will meet at HA dealers are audiologists. (It can vary from place to place)

On the plus side, It is kind of nice to hear that someone went to Miracle Ear and they didn’t try to sell you a hearing aid :slight_smile:

I too have a low frequency loss and can’t hear my hubby. Noise is a particular issue with LF loss because the noise reduction systems in the HAs can actually supress the very frequency ranges I am trying to enhance.

It is very easy for the mid & high frequencies to overwhelm the lower tones.
I can hear a waitress in the niosiest situations, but can’t hear Hubby across the table.

The best part of getting a thorough hearing test is you will go home with an audiogram to show proof to your spouse that it is NOT “selective” hearing.:wink:

Good Luck

This link will explain the HINT test:

Hope that helps.