If I asked this question to my Audi, would it be allowed?

I went for adjustments a few weeks ago and I’m finding my left is really really clear but my right is still not as good as my left.

My Audi mentioned that there is only a few dbs power different between my hearing aids. (I know my left is actually underpowered for my left ear)

Based on my audiogram and the fact my Audi said there wasn’t much power different between my hearing aids, would asking for my left settings to be pasted to my right hearing aid be okay? If one of your customers asked for this, would you allow it? I feel like it won’t be blasting my right ear out with my left settings

When wearing my left hearing aid in my right ear, it sounds so much better, it’s blocks noise out effectively and allows me to hear speech better. My left HA in my right ear doesn’t actually seem any louder, in fact it seems quieter as its blocking noise out more effectively.

My right hearing aid seem to get confused and soon as there is noise in calm program or speech in noise program, I loose all speech.,.but with the left HA in my right ear that doesn’t happen.

I don’t see any problem with doing that. If it doesn’t help, there may be something wrong with the right aid which might need to be sent in to the factory for repair(microphones can drift, something might not be up to specs, etc.).

So with my audiogram, I could switch HA’s to test them? My right seems to not be loud enough some times, but OK others.

@MCB - if it happens sometime and not others, it could be the automatic function kicking in where it adjusts the aids based on the surroundings.

Thanks Audiogal. My Naidas were sent in for clean and check service back in November and they came back clear. My right doesn’t seem as clear since the adjustments even tho the same adjustments in my left has worked. I really like the fact my left blocks out noise effectively which makes understanding speech much easier which has always been my downside.
My speech score for my right goes upto 66% when not in noise. I personally think I could get better results then 52% when in noise if my left settings are used.

MCB, you could switch, just to see how it goes, but it maybe the automatic function on each HA as jgirardi says.

Remember mine are primitive, no automatic. I’ll do it tomorrow and listen for any differences.

I did it, and it is definitely the ear. Sigh.

At least you know now tho.