If anyone's interested Starkey 1600's

These are now on eBay. If it doesn’t belong here Admin can move it or delete it.

They are USED though! Ew.

This is going to be an issue for adjustments, warranty, and repairs because the serial number won’t match the owner. The picture is also of a CIC, which means they are both going to need a remake, and the company doing the remake is going to have to lie to Starkey about the ownership.

Doesn’t sound like an especially good deal. By the time you’ve paid a professional to remake them, lie to Starkey, and purchased a new warranty you are not that far off buying your own set.

Gotta do what I gotta do. Need to try and make up the difference so I can get another pair. You know my problem. I can’t find anybody to adjust them.:mad:

Well just be careful with used hearing aids. The most likely scenario is that someone died, and you are purchased a dead person’s hearing aids. When you take them to a professional, they will ask where they are from. You either have to lie, or tell the truth, and expect this professional to lie to Starkey.

It may seem like a good saving, but I think there are bunch of hidden costs that will make it far less of a deal.

Oh and one more thing. I think the new Inspire OS 3.0 is really idiot proof. If a professional types in your audiogram, follows the auto path set up, does an In Situ test and then the auto voice calibration, they should sound pretty good without any further fine tuning. If your professional can’t do that, they need to pull his license.

So if your dispenser has installed this new software, he should be able to do a better job for you.

They are my aids, and I ain’t dead yet (I don’t think).:confused:

I just fired off an email to a local Audibel dealer to see if they would try to fit these properly. Howie

Ah okay :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t realize you were selling yours, I thought you were just interested in buying them.

You should try that Audibel dealership, since they can program Starkey, and it’s all they sell, so they should have a clue.

Make sure they use the new Inspire 3.0 software to program your aids. Ask for speech mapping, full insitu audigram, and auto path. If they give you a blank look walk out muttering something about incompetent fools :rolleyes: