If anyone knows how to set up an android as desired

Here are the screenshots, otherwise it shows the battery status here. You can roughly see how many there are. Full, 80%, half or 20 percent or less it is then red.
Could this be even more accurate in percentages? I searched in the options settings, I can’t find them.

Can the tone be adjusted when someone calls to be different? Supposedly it is possible to broadcast the sound we listen to as music, is it possible to set the smartphone to play the sound from the smarpthone memory instead of the call sound? The sound of a call is often irritating to me, especially when one person calls me often.
Maybe it could also be an opportunity to give each person a different sound, like a song or some in a pleasant melody. And so we could recognize who was calling without looking at the screen

What version of Android is that, and on what device? My Google Pixel phones have been displaying the actual battery percentage for as long as I remember.

Ring tone: Go to Settings → Sound & vibration → Phone ringtone (There are many to pick from, and you can find more online)

I think you can set custom sounds for different callers, although I have never done it myself.

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For the battery, go to Settings, then click on Battery & Device Care and it will give the exact percentage left as well as the amount of time till Battery is dead.
This link shows how to assign different ring tones to each contact


This is Xiaomi mi9t pro. Android 11
The only thing I find are options for displaying the capacity status of smartphones but not for Hearing Aids or options for Headphones in general.

Maybe you misunderstood me because I meant the sounds we hear in the ear when someone calls. It would replace that sound. The sound on the smarpthone is to me on the quiet and vibration.