iDeal Hearing and ks 8 vs marvel v50


I searched online prices for the Phonak Marvel and a site called iDeal Hearing has the M50 listed at $1399 per aid.
First, has anyone here used them? They seem like a similar service to ziphearing.

Second with the $1000 my insurance company gives me (but I believe will not accept costco for reinbursement), my cost for two would be about $1798 which is only $200 more than a pair of KS 8.0. So do the KS 8.0s bring anything to the table the M50s dont?

I am currently a Phonak wearer having the Micro Power V (yes they gave lasted me 14 years but now one of the will no longer accepts programming changes, it errors when connecting to the configuration software).

Thanks for your thoughts or opinions.


The M50s hold more appeal to me, but the KS 8.0s are made for iPhone. IF you use an iPhone and want to have lots of bluetooth pairngs to other devices, the KS8.0 is likely to have better connectivity. If you use Android, the Marvel has a definite advantage.