ICube will no longer communicate or recognize the Hearing Aid(s)

<o:p>[FONT=Trebuchet MS]Problem: During or after attempting to make adjustments to your Phonak CORE Based hearing aids, the ICube will no longer communicate or recognize the Hearing Aid(s).<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office” /><o:p></o:p>

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In 99.9% of the cases, what has occurred is that the user or person programming the hearing aids has prematurely broken the programming connection or loop between either the computer running iPFG and the ICube, or between the ICube and the hearing aids. This is true whether the ICube is operating wirelessly by Bluetooth mode, or by hard USB cable connection to the computer (we only recommend the latter for obvious reasons of Bluetooth communications loss). The result is the hearing aids are left in an endless “locked loop” wherein they are still waiting for the command to end the session and save the current settings to the memory inside the hearing aids themselves. That command never comes and the wireless programming communication link between the aids and the programmer (ICube or otherwise) can’t be restored because the aids are in this mode, waiting for the final end/save command from the ICube and iPFG.

It is absolutely mandatory that after any access of the hearing aids by the ICube programmer, whether changes are made to the fitting or not, the session must be properly closed by use of the “End Fitting” function on the lower left hand corner of the iPFG main screen, and then by clicking on the “SAVE” function in the lower right-hand corner of that section PRIOR to loss of connection of any element in the chain.

The session and fitting must be properly closed in this manner, prior to termination or loss of the connection as described above between the computer and the ICube (either wireless Bluetooth or USB Cable), and/or the ICube and the hearing aids via the neck loop that communicates with the aids. Failure to use a fresh set of batteries in the aids, or have the ICube fully charged can also possibly break this connection prematurely. Computers know to “lock up” or those with power loss or that spontaneously reset at time will also create this problem.

Only after the “Save” function has been completed and properly executed, that the iPFG program has returned to the main “Client Selection Screen” is it safe to disconnect or remove the ICube from around the neck, or otherwise leave the immediate area if you are working in the Bluetooth Wireless Programming mode.

Again, it is mandatory, once communication has been activated between the hearing aids and the ICube that any session be properly saved and closed before the ICube loses the connection with the hearing aids or the computer. Failure to do this leaves the hearing aids in an open programming loop mode where connection to the hearing aids can no longer be made by any wireless device or devices and the hearing aids must be reformatted to reestablish proper operation.

Another telltale sign of this having happened is the fact that while the hearing aids may possibly still be amplifying, they are often not communicating with each other and synchronizing with each other, meaning that when a change is made to one aid in volume or in programming, the other aid fails to follow that change as it normally should and would when the aids are working in synchronization.

Your aids will need to be returned to either your dealer or Phonak with instructions to reformat the hearing aids and upgrade the firmware to current version.

Your current fitting may, or may not be able to be restored, based upon where you were in the programming process when the connection between the hearing aids and the ICube was broken. In all cases, if the iPFG session is not saved and closed before the connection is lost between either the computer and the ICube, or the ICube and the hearing aids, there will be a high probability your aids will be left in this “loop mode” and you will no longer be able to communicate with them, or establish a new communications link with them via the I cube.

This is not highly unusual, but is a result of not studying and knowing how the ICube and wireless programming works and what you can and cannot do when you are attempting to program your aids. <o:p></o:p>
- help2hear<o:p></o:p>
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WTF is this? Spam? Just connect your Phonaks to a Hi-Pro and clear the stuck aids with the fitting software.[/B]</o[/FONT][/SIZE]

Hi pvc.

That post by Forrest looks like a page from a book! If you program using iPFG you will have discovered the correct way to end the session.

I use NoahLink. Can you please clarify when you say “ clear the stuck aids with the fitting software” I do it the way I describe in the answer to stream2525…Many thanks.

Connect the hearing aids via cables and Hi-Pro. Run iPfg, program the hearing aids and then save the settings in the hearing aids.

Noahlink is never required for iPFG or any fitting software. It’s just database software that is used to keep track of multiple clients and multiple fitting software programs. If you are a self programmer I believe it is simpler to run the fitting software standalone and not use Noahlink.

That post from Forrest charging over $100 to fix this simple busted communications problem is a ripoff.

Thanks PVC for the very “professional” approach and comment. The book quote is from my own writings on the subject - and research. Might I suggest that everyone does not have a Hi-Pro and few understand the fact that simply saving the file via the Hi-Pro and iPFG as you suggest does not clear the fault. The aids must be reformatted, hopefully after saving the current programming and settings. Perhaps you may want to offer this service at no charge for the good memebers here. I’m cetain you’ll have many takers. Regards, Forrest.

Might I suggest you stop preying on the HOH community by charging $120 for this?