iCube Target & Audeo Yes IX

I have been browsing this forum for a few years. Very informative but I manage to go round in circles a lot.:confused:
I need a bit of advice please.
I was fitted with Audeo Yes IX’s three years ago. I managed to buy an iCube with which to tweak my own HA’s. The result was the lockup caused by my lack of knowledge and the faulty exit of iPFG. My audi got them going ok but it put me off adjusting the settings.
I have recently bought a pair of Audeo III’s, second hand, to use as backups and thought I would try again with those.
Things have changed! I have a copy of iPFG 2.6b from Phonak and a copy of Target which I downloaded from the Chinese location, loaded and upgraded to 3.0.3 within the program from Pkonak’s site.
I do not want to lock up the HA’s again so i am still concerned about using iPFG without being able to recover from a lockup myself. (Audis are expensive.)
Is the only way to recover the HA’s a hard wired connection?
Can the Target software be used with the Audeo Yes IX and the Audeo Yes III?
The Target software has an HA reset function but will it work with the iCube.
Any comments appreciated. Thanks.

Hi I have the same HA´s an Audeo III and a YES IX.
The both HA´s are only prgammable with IPFG and not with Tatget.
In the Target 3.xx are the HA´s shown but there is written: please use IPFG.

And it is the same if you are using cables ore iCube, no difference.

In Target you can adjust the newer models like Audeo “S” III and YES “S” IX

The first thing to remember when doing self programing is to install a new battery in the HA. The second thing, is to always connect up the ICUBE with a USB connection rather than using the Blue Tooth wireless. A direct wired connection has less chance of error.

I had the same thing happen to my Audio “yes” aid. The battery didn’t have enough charge to reprogram the aids when I was getting the adjustment transfered. The aid got stuck in the middle of the reprograming and I had to send the aid back to Phonak. Since that time, I always make sure the ICUBE is fully charged and the HA has a new battery…

To answer your question as to if you can correct the problem yourself, Phonak now has a section on resetting your aids on its TARGET software, but I don’t believe it is available on the IPFG software.

In your case, unless your aids are the newer S (Spice) platform. You must use the IPFG to program them.

Since I found out what caused my first mishap (low battery), I’ve adjusted both my sets of aids may times without a problem. It is the only way to go as for as I’m concerned. Remember, new battery, direct connection.

Thanks for the answers guys.
It seems that the only way to recover HA’s is to use a Hi-Pro.
I might go that way and sell the iCube.

I’m looking for an I cube as we have 2 sets of Quest platform aids, he Bolero Q90P.