iCube Battery Replacement

Has anyone replaced the battery in their iCube? (…and is this the same battery as an iCom?) Mine lasts about 15 minutes before Target starts issuing dead battery warnings.

It’s easy enough to open, and the battery is simply plugged into the PC board with a pigtail.

However, try as I might, I can’t find a replacement battery.

Mine is marked: “ATL 1.2Wh, 3.7V, 453329 178039207656” (Which works out to about 324 mAh)

Similar spec and size batteries seem to be available, but this one has 3 wires, so I assume there’s some protection circuitry in there. The consequences of getting the connections wrong would probably be ugly.



While I have never opened my iCube, I did use it with a long USB cord (6’). This kept it powered while making adjustments. This cord was part of the ‘Cube kit’ provided by Phonak.

I no longer use HA’s as I am a bilateral CI user.