ICube 2 or Hipro 2 for sale?


does someone sell an ICube 2 or a Hipro 2?


Hi Pro 2 is too expensive and not generally available except to professionals. I don’t think you need the extra/expensive speed of a “2”. In USA we get these on EBay.


I’ve got an iCube II (with USB dongle) that I could sell you. Not sure what a “fair” price is these days. Please PM me.


Are you saying that HiPro 1 is also good?


There are 2 iCube ll programmers for sale in eBay. They go for 200 US dollars. These iCubes for sale doesn’t have the USB dongle. I have one without the dongle. I have attached a usb cord to the icube ll device to update the firmware and to make adjustments.


I use a USB cord with my iCube too. Much safer then using its Bluetooth.


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