iCom with landline and mobile phone

So, I’m trialing my Naida Vs and liking them. The next step is phone communication and I’ve gotten myself a bit confused.

I have an iCom arriving next week. I have a bluetooth capable Blackberry Flip cellphone and I understand the pairing should be simple.

Since I work at home and my corporate directory lists both my land-line and cell numbers, I get and make calls from both types of phones.

I’m looking at buying one of the KX-TG6582T DECT 6.0 PLUS Link-to-Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phones off Amazon (since I like Panasonic phones) to handle the land-line duties.

Here’s where I get confused.

The Panasonic’s claim to fame seems to be that you can receive both cell and land-line calls off the same Panasonic headset (as the name implies)

Should I just be ignoring this mobile to land-line function and pairing the iCom up with both the cell and the Panasonic? That is, I don’t do any linking of my cell with the Panasonic.

If I just pair the iCom up with both the cell and the Panasonic, what happens if I’m on the landline and cell rings or vice-versa. Can I switch calls or does the second call just go unanswered or to voice mail?

When I make a call on the Panasonic or cell, will the appropriate connection to the iCom just kick in or do I have to do something manual to indicate to the iCom which connection I’m using.

Any advice appreciated.

Hi midboy

I have a Naida Vs paired with the TVlink, landline, and cell phone through the ICom. They all work rather well. together I had to find the Platronic Voyager 500A Bucktooth hub for the IP landline at work. I also have a BB smart phone. After tweaking them all over a day of free time, they work rather well, I still need to tweak the ambient microphones through the audi, but that’s all. The IComs weakness is the battery life. In standby it last the day at work but needs a quick recharge or USB charge at home for the TV in the evening hours. The information on the Phonak suggests the ICom should work with 6 Blue tooth devices at the same time. I can’t imagine having ghat may interfaces so I’m happy

The landline and celll phone along with the TV work well together and shut down when calls are made or received. Only about a 3 second delay to switch between each device.

Thanks, Rweigle. You have exactly my configuration down to the BB smartphone. Truly you’re a huge help in a confusing area.

A couple of follow-on questions please:

a) Can you tell me what you use to connect your home landline to the iCom?

I’ve seen a lot of talk about the Jabra A7010 (which seems to be discontinued and not available for purchase) and then some other talk about just using a Bluetooth enabled phone. I’d just as soon buy whatever you have since I know it will work :slight_smile:

b) I have both a Blackberry Curve (which is currently disabled) and Blackberry Pearl Flip. I disabled the Curve since it didn’t seem to work with my old CIC aids very well. The flip, as a clamshell, works nicely with my old CICs and my new Naida Vs but has a challenging keyboard. What do you use? And can you use the BB smartphone without the iCom?

Thanks very much.


I would do the following, since you are going to get a phone that connects to both cell phone and headset, simultaneously. I would connect your “Crackberry” to your landline phone, then your iCom to your landline phone (NOT your blackberry). As long as you are close to the base, you will be able to receive cell and landline calls through your iCom, connected to the landline. No conflicts possible…no lag for iCom to switch devices.

I find, depending on the device connected, that there is some instances where a particular device dominates the iCom, similar to a program taking priority for sound processor on a computer. Basically, you can connect lots of devices, but only one of those devices will be streamed. Disconnect the dominant device and the others work.

That’s been my experience and is why I would suggest using your landline base as kind of a “central hub” for cell phone and landline bluetooth.