iCom With Different Brands Of Hearing Aids?

I have a pair of ReSounds and have given up on the Clip as a way to talk hands free on the cell phone. A friend who uses Phonaks and has also used their iCom has raved about the quality of iCom.
I’m wondering if iCom can be used with any different hearing aid that is BlueTooth compatible or not?

Not compatible I’m afraid. The ‘body area network’ communication (from the ICom to the Aids) uses a different signal.

What’s the issue with the phone clip?

As Um Bongo pointed out, the communication between the iCom and the Phonak hearing aids is different than that used by ReSounds. Keep in mind that the hearing aids ARE NOT Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth devices are the iCom and the Clip, and others by other manufacturers. These talk to the cell phones, music players, computers, etc via Bluetooth. And they talk to the hearing aids by proprietary signals designed by each manufacturer. In the case of the iCom, it talks to the Phonak hearing aids by their own frequency FM radio signal.

Thanks for the quick replies folks. They are much appreciated.
Um bongo, the Clip has wonderful incoming sound quality but I had nothing but complaints about the quality of my voice going out from literally every person I spoke with while using it. And the more background noise I had the worse it got. I sent my wife a voice mail while driving in my car with the windows up and no radio on and could barely understand my words when I listened to them later. Wind blowing is also very bad for the quality of sound coming out to the Clip.
I’m looking for something else I can use that would be compatible with my ReSounds because in all other areas they perform just fine and I’m probably going to keep them.
Any suggestions on good quality neck loops would be appreciated. They Artones that are featured on localbattery.com for instance. I’d like to get some feedback on these and any others that are being used successfully.

would you know the details of the frequency used by icom to phonak audeo V, is it set by the fitting software? is it standard fm or encoded some way? In short can I build a fm transmitter from a hobby kit and talk to the hAs

It’s approxiomately 10.6Mhz and it’s NFMI.

Well, I’m still looking for something I can use with my ReSound aids because the Clip is really not a
very good piece of equipment. I was very dis-satisfied with it after multiple tries with different ones.
Does anyone know of a bluetooth device that is compatible with ReSounds?

Before I had my Phone Clip modified, I had the exact same experience! I don’t think there was a single person I spoke with who didn’t complain about the quality of my voice! I’m so glad that’s not the case now because I’m on the phone for much of every work day. I can’t believe that Resound/Jabra would release such a disaster.