iCom vs Streamer - First Impressions

I’ve taken back my Exelia’s and am now trying the Epoq’s, but my first impressions of using the Streamer are that it suits me better than the iCom.

The quality of incoming telephone calls seems to be much better, for me, on the Streamer - it’s louder and more distinct (maybe there were some more tweaks I could have done on the iCom?).

Functionality - the Streamer is a more complete instrument. I can initiate voice dialing etc as well as just accept calls and terminate. It’s nice to have the option of muting the hearing aids microphones during a call when/if needed. I don’t need to wear it around my neck to get calls - this is quite cool. And…I have to say that the Streamer in many ways is more discrete than the iCom - not that I’m very fussed over aesthetics as long as it works!

So far so good!

One thing I did with the Epoqs & Streamer …

I found that general noise in quiet and car noise would get me really tired after a while, so I used streaming music (with mics on) to mask computer, AC & road noise. But then the battery did not last all day.

I was able to use the chargers (wall AND car) from my Blackberry, which also has a mini-usb connection, to charge the Streamer while in-use at the office & in the car… (don’t tell Oticon, it probably would void the Warranty:rolleyes: )

Another thing I found… was if I placed the Streamer in my lap or below my computer keyboard, facing up & running long side to side (90 degrees off normal position) it gave the best spread of field signal for when I did not want to wear the neck cord.

Do you miss the stereo?? Is music with streamer a let down from iCom?

Also, disregarding the streamer, How do you like your Epoqs for hearing in general? I have to keep reminding myself that the primary goal is to correct for my loss in the best way possible.


I probably won’t use the Streamer for music and I’m not sure I would miss stereo. For me the ability to access telephones is more important and so far the Streamer is really great. I’m debating paying out for the Sennheisser fm hook up as that would help in the office a lot.

As to the Epoq’s, although not as stunning as I would have hoped compared to my Syncro’s, they do seem the be working better for me than the Exelia’s…but I’ve only worn them for 24 hours.

I’m more impressed now with the Streamer than I first was! Wore it with the neckloop all weekend - worked perfectly even when turning my head.

Today, first day back at work, left off the neck loop and attached it to my shirt pocket on my left. Keeping my head straight ahead no problem with getting signal to both ears. Start moving and it switches in and out of one ear or the other, but at least I had continuous signal in at least one ear at a time continuously.

Then I recalled someone else’s comment that turning the Streamer sideways helped - Eureka! I turned the Streamer on it’s edge horizontally and attahed it to my shirt in the middle of my chest and perfect reception no matter where I turned my head. Brilliant!

If we can get these things to work well without a neckloop, then I’ll be very happy. I don’t think I’d be happy with signals switching though.

Been using the Steamer for almost a full week and since being at work (Monday) have not used the neckloop once. Typically keep Streamer clipped to shirt pocket when not in use - call comes in and I can clip it horizontally to my shirt or tie where I get excellent reception in both ears no matter how I turn my head!



Glad the “turn it sideways” is working for you too.:slight_smile:

What, if anything, are you using for landline hook-up at work & home?


for the land line…dilemma!!! Tried the Jabra A7010 but as you can only link to one Bluetooth device at any one time it is inadequate as a solution in my view.

I’m about to try the Sennheisser RF listening system - this should work by plugging int to the jack socket in the Streamer, be wireless between the telephone and the Streamer adaptor, and still accept incoming cell phone calls…I think…!!!:smiley:

Let me know how you like the Sennheiser I am thinking of getting it for TV. If it solves the home phone connection that would be great. If it solves the 2 different phones at the same time puzzle, it would be awesome!!

One note on the Sennheiser solutions: be aware that the Set 810S (Red) is an IR system that requires a line of sight and has a shorter range. The 820S (Blue) is more $$ but is RF & has greater range w/o line of sight need.

I am not sure that Streamer will recognise the Sennheiser as a phone link (as opposed to Audio Stream). I believe the basic problem will be that Streamer will only recognise one input as a phone & never 2 regardless of if the source is wired or Bluetooth.

I will be getting my Streamer back tomorrow and intend to try using the headset jack of my cordless home phone wired to the Jack port of the Streamer & see if that works. Then, if it does work as a phone connection,(including mic functions), I will pair up with my cell & see if they will both work simultaneously as phones. But I am not hopeful about it.:frowning:

BTW… With Bluetooth, the Streamer will only deliver the Streamer’s ringtone (not any special ones programmed into your phone) but when the cell is hardwired via the jack, it does deliver the phone’s ringtones.

I had my cell phone set to normal profile (not vibrate) & hard wired to the Streamer so I could listen to music A call came into the phone & Streamer interrupted the music, as designed, & delivered the phone’s ringtone to my Aids.

You have not experienced the full effect of a live connection from cell to your Aids until you hear the Tarzan Yell (my husband’s ring profile), delivered unexpectedly, thru the Aids :eek:


I’m getting the RF version - when I gt the Epoq’s it came with a voucher for $90 discount for Harris Communications. I’m hoping that with the Sennheisser connected to the landline, then the receiver connect via the jack into the Streamer that it will accept the cell phone by over-riding the landline…but time will tell and I will certainly report back.

So far I am really enjoying the set up for my cell phone with the Streamer - volume and clarity are great, I can also mute the aids microphones if needed (haven’t had to so far), and do autoredial and voice dialing!!!


I just got my Epoqs & Streamer back last night (Yea!! :slight_smile: )

I tested using a hardwire connection from the Cordless phone to the Streamer 2.5MM Jack, and unfortunately, no Joy.

While the Wired connection allows me to hear the sounds of the phone in my HAs, there is no transmission or mic function so I can converse. In other words, It ends up acting as an Audio connection not a hands free phone connection. Worse, when you plug the wire into the cordless phone, the phone’s mike does not work either.

:wink: On the good side, I got the $90 off coupon with my Epoqs too, so I am waiting to see how you like the Sennheiser 820S. (and if the idea of using for the phone link works)

:frowning: On the bad side, the latest shipping version of the Epoqs no longer includes the nice storage vanity that held the Streamer charger, the HA case and all accessories. You still get the HA case & a charger stand but no accessory storage. Just a cardboard box.:mad:


glad to hear you are in communication-mode again with the Epoq’s!

The Sennheisser thing, on reflection, may suffer from the problem you raised over hard wiring the Streamer to the cordless phone, i.e. it’s one direction. I’m surprised that it switched off the cordless microphone as well - I’ll give it a try to see if I get the same result and get back to you.

One other alternative I’ll try is to get a Bluetooth receiver, get it linked to another cell phone, hard wire the Bluetooth receiver into the Streamer and see if it works whilst also taking in calls from my own cell phone! That way I could use the Jabra hub for the landline phone and then blast into the hearing aids that way without wires.

Does this sound very geeky? :cool:


I was kind of bummed about that too…Oticon decided to go green, so everything is getting shipped in cardboard now. No storage cases for Epoq, Vigo, or Delta, just the smaller cases that used to fit in the larger ones. I really liked the dock for the Streamer on the Epoq cases, too.

I still like the product, but it bugs me when I see indicators that customer service & satisfaction is not a primary factor in a company’s product design & business decisions.

I saw their statement they were “Going Green” on the packaging, however, I am not impressed by it.

Frankly, there are other, more effective places they can do that as a company. This is purely a cost savings for them by taking something away from the customer and a marketing “spin” to make them look good as an environmentally responsible company.

When I did my 1st review of the Epoqs, one of the things I raved about was the packaging. While I recognize that it is not part of the functionality as HA instruments, I felt that it was an indicator of quality products in general and a company attitude that recognized the end user’s investment in $$$s and trust. IOWs, it showed a concern & appreciation for the fact we spend $6K+ and have a 5-6 year commitment to doing business with Oticon.

Once I get through the final process of trial & purchase, I intend to forward my 1st review & a final review of the product(s) to Oticon and see if they have any comments.

They should, at the very least, offer the vanity case as an optional purchase. Especially since the Streamer charging base is still designed to be mounted in it.

The major costs associated with molded plastic casings is in the original mold casts, which they have already paid for and are still usable.

If they were really doing this to “go green”, they could have stopped offering the case AND passed at least some of the resulting cost savings on to the customers.

On another quality note… When I got my latest pair of XWs I got one of the new “Cool” colors (Blue). The paint finish on the casing is very thin an uneven compared to the 1st pair I got. I think they are not paying as much attention to quality as before or I just got really lucky the 1st time around.