Icom TV blutooth transmitter

Anyone know anything about this icom tv transmitter, not sure if it’s on sale yet, the website says April, so possibly it’s out there, once again I am trying to get a price estimate. I will go to my hearing shop & ask but they typically don’t have a clue about Phonak & I have to prod them to even get the ipfg updates.


It can be found online for about $60 US.

The odd thing is, I’ve noticed in several places that it was available last year, as evidenced here:

Wonder if it’s been updated?

According to CNet, it is made by Mobile Action, which was bought by Phonak I believe. Pricing in October 2007 was about $36. It appeared to be well received then.

Mobile Action VOIIS website:


Be aware with television, bluetooth connections have a slight delay. There are many old posts on this subject. I have not heard of anyone being real happy connecting to a TV via bluetooth yet because of the slightly delayed sound. It is my experience that FM systems are a much better solution to date since the sound transmission is instantaneous and matches up with the mouth movement on screen. This seems to be the case with ALL wireless bluetooth systems to date. Please correct me if I’m wrong…

I seem to remember something to this effect, yes.

Unfortunately, FM systems tend to be a bit pricey.

The Phonak Bluetooth sender apparently has an ‘accelerated’ audio channel to minimise delays.

Oops, I already posted the same question in another topic.

Not much experience I see.
Too bad we can’t trial the TV transmitter, that would have been a whole lot easier.

Yes you are right , but its not bother me , because its a fraction of miliseconds . I can hear slightly delay so so small if volume is turned high on tv .