iCom to Fit Phonak Hearing aids?

Hey All,

I have searched and searched but can not find the simple answer… Can you use an iCom to change the settings on Phonak hearing aids using iPFG? Or, do you have to have an iCube?

I have installed iPFG, it sees the iCom, but in version 6 it is not giving me an option to connect it via cable. I am using a work computer that is striped of pretty much all drivers, so I don’t know if this is a computer issue or if it is simply that you can’t fit via iCom…

Can’t use an ICOM, only an ICUBE.:frowning:

Bummer dude, that’s what I thought… Any cheap iCubes for sale? I will go bug my audi…

iCom and iCube share the same body housing and chargers only - not functions. You can program Phonak hearing aids via special connecting cables attached to a Hi-Pro or NOAH programer with the iPFG software.

I have ended up with the opposite problem due to a problem second hand seller, I have an iCube but no hearing aids!!

Are the SPICE chipset aids compatible with the iCube if we assumed I could somehow get hold of the Target software? I know the iCube is in working order and there is enough demand that someone will hack Target eventually, so if it’s compatible I’ll hang onto everything. It successfully recognises if a SPICE instrument has a low battery while you are wearing it, so I guess it’s compatible if the software were there.

ICUBE compatible.