iCom & Smartlink

Here is another Smartlink question that has to do with the new Phonak Exelias and iCom recently released.

One of the weakness with the Smartlink is when using a mp3 player or Television, the unit transmits a combined left/right speaker fm signal to all receivers (as I understand it) so the stereo affect disappears.

As stated earlier, Phonak Exelias are now out with an iCom and a myPilot. The iCom claims to stream signals in stereo to the new Exelia hearing aids.

I saw a sketch or picture somewhere where a small FM receiver connects to the bottom of the iCom so that Smartlink transmitter users can use the new iCom.

My question is this… Will the iCom be able to convert the incoming smartlink signal back into stereo mode? I’m guessing it can not. If this is the case, then only way for the iCom to transmit true stereo sound to the Excelias would be a direct wired connection from the TV/MP3 player to the iCom?

Yes, the Smartlink did not allow for true “stereo” sound.

The ICom/Exelia combo will allow for stereo sound, when a MP3/Ipod is connected. You will not be able to use the Smartlink for this. Instead, you plug directly into the ICom and it will stream wirelessly (not telecoil but RF) to each Exelia.

The MyPilot will allow you to use the zoom control, change programs and modes, adjust volume, etc.

Thus, I don’t know what you would use the Smartlink for, except for FM. If you use FM, then you only need one FM receiver, which plugs into the bottom of the Icom.

Hope this helps you out. We would apprecate a follow up post once you get the Exelia’s/Icom/Mypilot. I think if I wore hearing aids, this would be the ultimate combination.

Me too, - I can get the iCOM but I don’t yet know of it’s value to me. I am sure it would be helpful in some areas, but any information would be welcomed.

Thanks for your responses. I won’t be getting the exelias, iCom, or Mypilot until next year at the earliest. My savias are only 1.5 years old so I can’t justify buying new hearing aids until I get some use out of them. I was just exploring and dreaming about my new purchase a little early! I was also wondering if my smartlink may still be of use.

It sounds to me with the iCom, you have to be physically connected to receive the sound in stereo? So smartlink may still be useful for a “wireless” connection or be able to move about the house freely while listening to streaming music on the computer, etc.

If I understand correctly, when you use the smartlink with FM receiver attached to the bottom of the iCom, the iCom can’t alter the transmitted FM signal back into stereo mode (like a radio?).

The smartlink would be better for a more hands free and cordless solution. The Icom does have to be plugged into an IPod or MP3 player, which you could carry around.

Once you add the 1 FM receiver into the Icom, I believe you will lose the full stereo effect. This is something someone at Phonak would have to confirm.

If the Savia Art’s are only 1.5 years old, then I wouldn’t blame you for waiting a while.

The iCom is able to stream audio from any Bluetooth (2.0 EDR I think is stereo) device. Thus by using a stereo Bluetooh audio transmitter attached to the Tv/Radio you should be able to stream stereo audio wirelessly via the iCom.

Thanks for your responses.