ICOM pairing with two aids

I occasionally wear my older Phonak yes hearing aid when i don’t need my Phonak Spice BICROS aids. The new aids are paired with my ICOM. Is it possible to also pair the same ICOM to my older aid as well, so I could answer the phone when I am wearing the older aid?
Simply put, can a single ICOM work with two different aids?


I don’t know the answer to your question for sure, but I think the answer is “no” based on what I"ve seen of the programming software.

However, it is also true that the iCom does NOT have to be grouped to any hearing aids to function. If not paired, it works in “generic mode”, which would allow connection to any HA’s that you are using at the time.

The downside to doing this is that if you use the “voice command” and “re-dial last” features of the iCom (that can be enabled when the iCom is grouped), these will not work in generic mode, as far as I know.



I dont know how phonak do it with Icom, but for Oticon and streamer in software, you just need to enter serial of stremaer to enable it in your aids. There is no 2 way comunication between aids and Streamer, and there is nothing writen in streamer itself in fitting.

I had Duals, Agils, and Epoq all on same streamer and worked like a charm…

The iCom talks to the hearing aids by magnetic loop and as far as I know does not pair with specific aids. Because the connection distance is only inches, I believe there is not any ID involved. Just my opinion from my observations.

There is is oticon. You can just buy Streamer and use it. You need to pair it with your aids in fitting software.
Imagine i have streamer and i control volume of all oticon users one and half meters around me…
I think someone would get bad idea to joke with older peoples…

That is off topic. The original poster says they already have Phonak aids.

BTW, Starkey has a streamer that works like your Oticon one, but that will not help the OP either.

When you set up your Phonak HA system with the iPFG software you have the option to register your accessories with your HA’s. If you do this then your iCom will only work with your specific HA’s.

However, this is only an option. If you are not bothered about privacy issues, the latest firmware in the iCom allows it to be used straight out of the box with any Phonak HA’s.


The topic heading is Bluetooth and HA, the sub topic is ICOM pairing with two HA. What I’ve done is plug a 3.5mm stereo cable and a 3.5mm two way adapter into the audio out on our tv and my wife can plug her ICOM in and I can plug my streamer in to the adapter and we both have the audio piped into our HA.

So, once it is paired the first time, it can’t be unpaired to work with two different aids?

I don’t know for sure but I think you may be able to “unpair” by resetting the iCom with the tiny reset button on the back. That will also undo any bluetooth pairing with external devices.


Yes, as Gilbert said just press the reset button and then repair it.

You could pair back and forth with software if you feel the need. But why bother, just hard reset the device, which defaults it to generic mode and it will work with all your HA’s without pairing.

I already mentioned the downside to this.

Thanks for the info.