iCom pairing with BlueTooth cell phone and iPod

Hey All,
I have been trialing Naida V and an iCom for about a week now. The iCom is paired to my Motorola Razr cell. Initially, both worked great for one day.
Three problems right now which are making me wacko.

Whenever I try to turn on my iPod and I am near my cell phone (blue light on iCom is on), my iPod won’t turn on.
If I move out of my cell phone range (blue light on iCom is off), my iPod will play. As soon as I get near my cell phone, my iPod turns off.
My Audi after calling a Phonak rep. said that it was probably my cellphone “overpowering” my iPod. I needed to take my cellphone to the store where I got it and have them check it or get an upgrade phone.
I got home and did a little trial and error test.

I discovered that when I was wearing my iCom and it was paired with my cellphone (blue light on), the iCom cut off the Blue Tooth connection (blue light went off) when I got near my portable phone which is a VTech.

I tested this by disconnecting my portable phone and didn’t have the problem with the iCom cutting off when I got near the portable cell.

###Also, I was hearing static in my Naida V aids for a few seconds every once in a while while wearing the iCom without the iPod playing but within the cellphone range.

I am thinking that I must have a faulty iCom.
Any thoughts from you Naida fans and iCom wearers? :confused:

Thanks for your continuing help with my hearing aid problems. Haven’t been able to find this exact problem on the forum.

#Looks like your Razr cuts down your iPod. You can only connect 1 device with your iCom, so if you want to listen to your iPod you have to turn of your Razr (Bluetooth).

##Your VTech could interfeer with the Bluetooth as they are sending on a very near frequencyband (
2,4 GHz). Like your microwave could interfeer with it…it shouldn’t but it seems to interfeer, but the iCom is OK, 'cause if you turn off your VTech the iCom works perfectly…

and # Do you have connected the iPod via Bluetooth or cable? it seems that the two (iPod and Razr) are not best friends…

My iPod is connected to the iCom by the short cable that came with the iCom.
I thought you could connected to your iPod with the cable and still be connected to a BlueTooth phobne like a Razr. The instruction book says that if you are listening to your iPod and your cellphone rings the iPod will stop while you answer your cell via the iCom. The iPod will kick back on when you disconnect from the call. The whole time, though, the iCom is connected to both the cell phone (Razr) and iPod. Or am I wrong?
Thanks for the response. I appreciate all input and recommendations.
Still trying to figure out what is wrong.

You say the blue light is ON … as in steady ON? Or is it blinking on and off? Paired means it blinks on and off. On steady means you are actively connected, as in on a call. If you push the large iCom button when paired with your cell phone, it will initiate a voice dialed call, or voice command mode and the iCom light will be on steady blue. This means you have totally switched into cell phone hands free mode … and any other source, such as the iPod incoming signal is disabled for the cell call that you are on.

Also, it is rather confusing when you say the iPod goes off or won’t turn on. Are you saying that it will literally NOT power on at all? Or just that you can’t hear sound from it? It you turn the cell phone off, power it completely down, does the iPod work correctly? If you eliminate the iCom from the equation, turn it off, powered completely down … do the iPod and cell phone work when near each other? Can you then power on the iPod when the cell phone is next to it and turned on and the iCom is turned off?

Hi -
Thanks for your suggestions -
Originally, when I turned on my iCom and my cellphone (Razr) the blue light is steady. I then tried to connect the iCom via cable to my iPod (all devices next to each other) the yellow/orange light did not come on. Thus no sound from my iPod.
Turned off my cellphone and turned on iPod (steady orange/yellow light on iCom) and got music.
Turned my cellphone back on but bluelight on iCom did not come on. Thus my cell phone was not connected to iCom. Still could hear music thru the iCom from iPod.
So turned off my iPod, disconnected cable and cell phone still did not connect to iCom (no blue light at all). Only had flashing green light for power charge.
Final step, I turned off iCom and turned back on iCom and then it connected to my cellphone (steady blue light on).
Repeated above process several times.

:eek::eek::eek: Argh, now my iCom is sending my Naida hearing aids beeps every few minutes to let me know it is connected to Blue Tooth cell phone. iCom blue light steady as she goes. Btw the beeps I am hearing is the same sound I get when I mute my aids - the Audi hasn’t programmed my Naidas so that I can change programs on my own.

Am turning off my iCom for my own sanity. Await some sagely advice.
Thanks so much!

The beeps are telling you to press the button on the iCom. I have it paired with my computer and when connected, it keeps beeping until I press the button.

Also, the iCom has a new firmware upgrade that should enable you to connect to 2 devices as you’ve described at the same time. Ask your audi to check the firmware on the iCom.

The Phonak iCom instruction manual says a cellphone will always take priority over a standard audio device.

From the above description, it would appear that when your iCom is connecting to the cell phone, the cell phone or the iCom is maintaining a constant on a call condition. A steady blue light indicates that you are actively on a call. When the iCom is paired to just one device via Bluetooth, the blue light will blink at the same rate as the green power light. When the iCom is paired with two devices the blue light will blink twice as fast. For example, when at work, I am paired to both my cell phone and my desk phone, the blue light blinks twice as fast. When out of the office and only my cell phone is paired, it blinks at the same speed as the power light. When I accept a phone call from either phone, the blue light stays on steady. Whether the problem you are experiencing is with the cell phone or the iCom is the unknown, but you are experiencing a problem. If you have access to another Bluetooth cell phone, try to pair it to the iCom with your current cell phone powered off. A friend, spouce, neighbor, whoever, may provide the other cell phone for testing. After testing, they or you can go into the Bluetooth settings for that phone and remove the iCom as a device to prevent further connections.

In fact, one suggestion might be to punch in the button in the middle of the label to Reset the iCom. Then remove it from your phone as a recognized device. Then reconnect them by placing the cell phone in Bluetooth discovery mode and punching the button next to the Bluetooth symbol on the label of the iCom to place it in Discovery mode. Make sure you enter 0000 as the key code if prompted for one by your phone.

Be sure to update us with your results/status.

One can connect up to 8 devices with the latest firmware upgrade from Phonak. 2 phones and 6 other audio sources. Only 1 at any given time can be the active audio device. The Icom does not seem to handle even a 2nd call on the same phone well at all. I routinely have My iphone, the ipod on my phone, my work phone and my tv link all paired to the icom at the same time. It works great for me.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, it helps to know I have support out there.
Neilk, I did what you suggested and paired my phone with my husband’s phone also a Razr. It seemed to work because the blue light was flashing and I could use my Ipod and receive a call from him.
My husband disconnected his phone from my iCom and reconnected my phone to my iCom. Got a steady blue light instead of flashing blue light.
This morning I tried your suggest and pushed the Reset to disconnect my phone from iCom. That’s when I ran into a problem. On my Razr’s Bluetooth link I selected “Handsfree”, “iCom” appeared on screen with a check by it, selected “Drop”, Disconnect iCom? appeared on screen, I pressed Yes.
But my cellphone still lists iCom as one of my Handsfree devices.
Will have to do an internet research to see how what I am doing wrong here.
Even when I turned on iCom this morning, the blue light was steady when near my cell phone.
Will keep you posted.

Excellent! Thank you for following those instructions. And that does point to your phone as being the issue. When you go into the Blue-tooth screen on your cell phone, you would most likely have an Options selection when you highlight the iCom device, and I am going by my own Motorola Barrage cell phone here. In that Options menu, you should have the option to Delete or Remove this device. Selecting that will remove all traces of the iCom from the phone and allow you to re-Discover it as though it were a new device. It may then save it correctly. Another good test would be if your husband has a regular Blue-tooth headset for his phone. Try discovering and pairing that with your phone. If you can do so, does the headset indicate a steady connection, a steady blue light when your phone is paired? All Blue-tooth headsets that I have experienced so far will flash when paired, but stay on steady when connected on a call. If your phone results in a steady blue light with another Blue-tooth headset, you will need to get your phone fixed or replaced. Possibly a re-flash of its firmware would correct the problem.

I do not work for Phonak or a cell phone or accessory manufacturer. I am however an experienced technical support person with both hardware and software experience.

Was able to disconnect my cellphone from iCom, pressed reset button on iCom and reconnected cellphone to iCom.
Steady blue light on iCom when phone not in use. Same as always.
I am off to the ATT&T store to have them check out my Razr phone per Audi and Phonak rep. suggestion. Hope they are familiar with hearing aids and iCom cell phone use.:o

Just tell them that it IS a standard Blue-tooth hands free headset. It works with your husband’s Razr, indicating that it should also work with yours. Good luck. I’m not an AT&T fan :rolleyes:

Hey Neilk,
My husband doesn’t have a headset so couldn’t try out what you suggested.
Did go to AT&T store and helpful guy there was fascinated with my iCom. He was a quick study and understood the problem. He tried to reset my phone but that didn’t change the steady blue light on iCom.
He disconnected my earpiece/hands free thingie for the Razr thinking that might be interefering. No change.
He then tried to connect his phone to my iCom but he couldn’t connect his phone to the my iCom. He followed the instructions in the book. He knew how to pair them since he had paired my phone after disconnecting it from the iCom.
Don’t understand why this happened since my husband was able to pair his Razr phone to my iCom last night and it worked perfectly.
After the AT&T guy tried to pair his phone to my iCom and couldn’t, my phone and iPod would not connect to my iCom. No lights for either of them just the green charging light.
The AT&T guy was not able to “reflash” my Razr. He said his tech guy had to do this. The tech fellow won’t be in until Thursday but he text him requesting he contact him re:this problem. Then he will call me.
Whe I got home I turned on my phone and iCom and they connected (steady blue light).
Again the iPod would not connect to my iCom (no orange light) while my phone was on.
Turned off phone and my iPod connected and played.
Bottom line is this - My iCom seems to connect to my iCom with a steady blue light. If I turn off my phone, my iCom will connect to my iPod and I can play music. Not sure why my phone or iPod would not operate at the AT&T store after he tried to pair his phone with my iCom.
Any other thoughts?

Would this be true for the Alera as well?

Would what be true for the Alera? That is a Resound, correct? I’m not quite sure what you are asking, please clarify.

Maum … that is strange that he could not pair his phone, what make/model did he have? But even so, as you were able to pair your husband’s phone, the same phone as you have, and it worked properly, so should yours. How long have you had your phone? Do they have other Razr’s in that store to try out? The iCom can have 8 devices at one time in memory. When you put in number 9, it just erases the oldest one and adds number 9 as one of the 8. Perhaps ask them to try another Motorola of any model if the firmware flash does not do the trick. It would appear to be firmware though as the phone is supporting Blue-tooth, but is sending a constant on-call signal to the iCom.

By the way, when you do connect your husband’s phone, can you make and receive calls using the iCom? Is the sound good and clear and in both ears? That would further verify the iCom as working properly. And you say that your husband does not have a Blue-tooth headset … if he doesn’t use the Blue-tooth functionality of his phone … maybe you could coerce him into a swap of phones. Women sure seem to have that power over men. The store could surely swap numbers and phone books. :wink:

Hey Neilk -
You are being such a help with all your suggestions. THANKS. :smiley:

To answer one of your original questions, when I turned off the iCom, I was able to use both my iPod with a headset and cellphone at the same time.

After the above test, I turned the iCom on and it connected to my cell with steady blue light. Then connected to the iPod with cable to the iCom and iPod wouldn’t play (no orange light).
Turned off phone and iCom would play with orange steady light.

Turned phone, iCom and iPod all off. Breathe!

Turned iCom back on and turned phone on. NO connection to iCom (no blue light). Went into phone “Settings” then “Connection”, Selected “Bluetooth” Link. Selected “Handsfree”, Selected iCom and message said “seeking iCom, connected iCom”. iCom then had a steady blue light on.
Not sure why I had to go into Settings and reconnect the phone to the iCom.

Turned phone off and iCom still on. iPod off also.

Turned phone back on and no connection to iCom. Repeated above process of going into “Settings”, etc. to get phone connected to iCom.
They just don’t like each other. :frowning:

As far as the AT&T guy’s phone, I am not sure what it was. It looked like either a Blackberry or Palm. But not really familiar with either of those. He had a Jabra Bluetooth headset on if that helps.

Answer to another of your questions, we have had our phones for 3 years.

Yes to your question about when we connected the iCom to my husband’s cell phone. The sound was fairly clear and good. As far as switching phones, that is a no-go. Mine is Pink and he has a boring black one. I doubt that my husband would want to switch phones.

I don’t think the AT&T store had any more Razrs in that store. I thought he said that they were discontinued since people wanted the latest phones to have all the bells and whistles.

Once they re-flash the firmware on my phone, I will request that they try another Motorola phone if the re-flash doesn’t fix the problem.

Will try to reconnect my husband’s phone to the iCom after I disconnect my phone from the iCom. Want to see if I can connect again or that first time was a fluke. Not sure what that will prove.

I was curious if the Resound Alera’s Bluetooth was “standard” like the Icoms?

Bulmak, the iCom does not connect to the hearing aids by Blue-tooth. My understanding is that it uses a low power FM to talk one way to the hearing aids. It uses Blue-tooth to talk in both directions to a hands-free Blue-tooth device, such as a cell phone; both receiving the incoming signal and sending your voice back to the phone. The iCom is also only for use with Phonak aids. I could not tell you about Resound as I have no experience or information on them. But at this time, no hearing aids are Blue-tooth no matter which brand.