iCom neckloop and green goo?

I have this weird problem with my iCom (along with some more common ones):

I wear my iCom every day for use with my cellphone and occasionally for music. But lately, the neckloop cables don’t last very long: they’ll bloat and swell with fluid, and eventually the outer sheath gets a hole in it, and a green goo slowly leaks out and gets on my shirts. I’m now at 5 months since I had the last one replaced, and it’s time to send it in to Phonak again. The goo is thick and oily in texture, though whether it’s oil or silicone or what, I can’t say. I’m guessing the green is from the copper wire corroding.

Does anybody else have this happen? Does anybody know what causes it? My best guess is that it has something to do with outdoor activity; I bicycle a lot. Perhaps it’s sun, or sweat, or water related? Once in a while, I get caught in heavy rain while riding-- the iCom itself stays relatively dry and never cuts out from having water infiltration, like the hearing aids sometimes do.

I’ve also had trouble with the cable hardening; once it just cracked and broke into two pieces. But that hasn’t been a problem with the last couple of replacement cables. I seem to remember there was a design change in the cables at some point, maybe that has something to do with it.

A while back there were several threads about ICom loop failures and they were bulging, cracking and then leaking either black, green or brown goo and I believe someone said that Phonak was working on solving the problem but that’s about all I recall about it. I found the link on HAF search " ICom wire loop failure." The last post said that all cables made after June 2011 should not have any further loop failures.

I had the same problem occur twice with the iCom. I’ve switched to the ComPilot nearly a year ago, and have had no issues of this nature with the ComPilot. My Audi didn’t know what to think of it, and the reps at Phonak indicated that while it was not common, it did occur periodically.

Never had any goo. Many broken loops usually at the plug. Have used shrink tubing to reinforce and get an 6 months out of it.

I am a Veteran and get min e from the VA. I just happened to be searching why my Icom was making background noise while using bluetooth but clear as a bell when plugged directly thru audio cable when I discovered the Com Pilot. Just so happens the loop broke at that point so I requested to upgrade to the compilot because they can replace the loops without sending into the factory.

They said yes so I am getting the compilot…yea!