ICOM bluetooth conected to TV AV receiver

My tv is connected to a AV receiver. What if any, bluetooth transmitter on the market can I pair to the ICOM via the AV Receiver.
Most xmiters I looked at had 3.5mm connectors for pairing to ipods, tablets and the like.
To attach to the AV Receiver AUX (output) it would need to have the RCA (stereo) connectors.
I have also read there can be an audio delay going from the TV via bluetooth to the FM receiver of the ICOM. Is that true?
My AV Receiver (Marantz SR7001) goes have a sync delay setting that may over come that.
Any audiophiles out there using the ICOM bluetooth for thoes old Netfix

Phonak YES 9

If you don’t mind being tethered by a cable you can use a stereo cable with a RCA connector on one end and a 3.5mm cable to plug into the ICom at the other, this will not cause any delay and you can listen for longer periods because you aren’t listening via Bluetooth. The cable I use is 12’ long and was purchased from Frys Electronics.

I recently learned that the ICom is no longer offered by Phonak. It is now called the ComPilot with TVLink S which is a combined interface for bluetooth technology e.g. Smartphone. TV, AV, etc. I am now using the ComPilot which connects much more efficiently with all devices and no longer has a delay. I can’t use it as a remote unit for my Naidas 5 UP but that is not important to me. The battery life of the ComPilot is now about 10-12 hours streaming time compared to the 4-5 hours on the older ICom.

I really had problems with my two IComs and believe the new ComPilot is a major improvement. :smiley:

What is the connector IN (source) on the TVLink S? Nowhere on the marketing spec sheet does in mention how you attach it to a source. My guess it’s a min 3.5. What was your experience pairing other devices to the ICOM or ComPilot?
Thanks Ron

Hi Ron

The TVLinks system consist of a small box which is connected to s source as a TV or AV using the supplied RCA/mini or mini/mini patch cords.

Here is a link on YouTube showing a short video on how to connect this box and cords to a TV. I have had more problems using the older ICom to alternate devices but have had no problems connecting the new system. It automatically pairs all B/T devices without my needing to pair it manually.


Good luck,

These TV interfaces are falling behind the tech curve unfortunately. Most new TV’s don’t even have analog audio output jacks, only digital outputs. You’ll need to buy an additional digital to analog interface like this to make it work.