I wrote this for my best friend when he died nine years ago tomorrow

I know this isn’t about hearing; in fact, he was nonverbal. But he helped me to listen. I found myself missing him today.


From beginning to end you were an outstanding friend. It’s a job that not many have shared.
With a hand, or an ear, or a kick in the rear; by your own ways you showed that you cared.

You made my world brighter. You made my load lighter. You would always come through in a clutch.
Over twenty-one years we knew laughter and tears, so I try not to miss you TOO much.

Though you left us too soon when I look at the moon and the stars I remember and smile.
'Cause a buddy named Mark shared his innermost spark and brightened my pathway awhile.


Mark was lucky to have you as a friend

Thank you, but he gave as much as he took. He touched a part of me that no one else could reach.

You were both fortunate to have a connection that few of us ever experience.

High tech version of talking to myself here, but I wanted to share–My buddy recently came to me in a dream. I don’t remember what the content was, but the key part is that he gave me one of those “soul hugs” like he did sometimes when he was in this world. He always seemed to know when I needed one. I guess he still does.