I want a hearing aid that can mute via remote control

I tested out new hearing aids, and I returned them because the mute program did not work at all. All kinds of sound was coming in on the mute program. I don’t understand why if there was a mute, I was not given one. I emailed and told the audiologist over and over again, that I must have a mute program. I emailed him that the mute program was the deal breaker. If the mute failed to work I would not keep them. I don’t know what went wrong. There is a dog that barks constantly, and I think this dog as been debarked. The sound is the most horrible thing you ever heard. Without the hearing aid, I never even knew that this dog existed. I just discovered the dog in the mute program, I would not have heard it all without the hearing aid. If there was any way to get a hearing aid with a mute, I would think he would have given me one to make the sale. I would still like to find a hearing aid that I can mute with a remote control. Is there any brand that would have a mute? Is there any hearing aid place that would have one? I will consider anything if the mute is real. Being that my lose is in the low and mid range (but not the high range) a debarked dog is only noticeable with a hearing aid for me.

My Oticon HA have a mute program and it can be activated with my Streamer. Your audi may not of set up the mute function in the programming.

My Oticon HA have a mute program and it can be activated with my Streamer. Your audi may not of set up the mute function in the programming.[/QUOTEI

I know what you mean. It does sound really insane, but I seriously doubt he could fail to set it up. He is a head of the department of a reputably firm. When I went back to return it, instead of him saying he would try to fix the mute. He got mad, and said he was cancelling all future appointments with me. If it was possible to make the sale, he would have done it. What he claimed was a mute program had all kinds of noise. It was quieter then the two programs automatic and comfort in noise, but that program even had a volume control, that I discovered. I could turn that volume within the mute to zero, but even in zero after a few hours of this treatment I was dying to take them out. But, I can’t stop to take them out. I think there is something wrong with me. I think I have recruitment. I will always be a hearing aid failure. This was my last chance. But, I am going to try some other local places and I am going to call phonak, but when I got home from work, they were closed for a three day weekend. Just my bad luck.

I don’t know what is going on, but I got a new idea. What if a white noise program could be added? I have noise cancelling bose head phones. When you turn them on even if your ipod is not connected they can make background noise disappear. If the head phone were really mute, I don’t know why I could hear all that stuff. My ears were in pain, they still hurt today from that.

Phonak aids also have ability to program a mute function operable with the remote or buttons on aid.

I give up then, there must be something wrong with me. Maybe the hearing aids are messing with my dead nerves and making them hurt?

if would help if we knew what brand and model of HA you have. cones or molds? if you take the batteries out and put your hearing aids in do you still hear? When I switch the ones I’m wearing to mute or the two brands I just trialed (phonak and starkey) I couldn’t hear a thing. I would switch them when mowing or running a gasoline blower or just when I wanted to nap.

It was a Phonak Cassia, and I can not test it anymore, I gave it back, but they still have not refunded my money. I called and they said, I could bring it back, but they then refused to refund my money. They claimed the person who could do it was not there and that no one else could do it. They took them back, so I can not test them out anymore. The audiologist said he fired me as a patient. I should have thought to test them out without the battery, even thought it would have have worked as a solution.

google is your friend… how to mute using the PilotOne.

I would prefer to have a remote control with a mute button. I don’t see why that is not a reasonable request. How do I know if it is really muted, and I am hearing phantom sounds unless there is a button marked mute that I can press? I was not using the pilot one, I was using my pilot. There is no mute button on it.

Starkey wii hearing aid series with surflink remote has a mute button on the remote $219. I called Starkey today and they confirmed the hearing aid would mute. I called Phonac, but they don’t even answer their phone. They have a recording that says they will get back to me to two business days. Starkey answers their phone right away. They seem to care more. It is just that some centers don’t have Starkey products. So, it is kind of unknown and hard to find, but I just thought I would post this in case anyone is looking for a hearing aid with a mute. I have not tried it yet, but I will post back if I can try it out.:slight_smile:

I have a Phonak with Mypilot command control. one of the programs in my Audio S his the mute mode, works great when using lawnmower or any other very loud tools, The Audio should be able to program the Aids with this program, my Audio S are basic models to.

Any hearing aid with a remote can be set up to have one program with very little gain. Depending on your loss level, that would probably cut off all soft sounds. Loud sounds would still get picked up by your natural hearing, depending on your loss level.

You seem to be saying that if the hearing aid is muted, you should not be able to hear anything, but loud screams would still come through.

Another option might be hearing aids with a remote that also works with a TV transmitter. When you select the TV transmitter you could have it set so the mics are shut off. So, if you were away from the TV and selected the TV transmitter on the remote, the remote would turn off the mics, waiting for TV input, which would of course, never come. Then when you wanted to un-mute, just select a program and it would turn on the mics. I’m more familiar with Resound but I’m sure other brands would work in a similar way.