I’ve just upgraded to Phonak Bolero B90

What colors would coordinate with clothing?

It’s more purple and blue so going to stick with matching Roger receivers. :slight_smile:

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Can’t get over how small the P model is compared to my UP model.

Is your right ear still needing an UP aid or will a SP aid work?

SP for my left and P for my right.

I’ve still got my UPs as it’s not worth selling them.

The SP still hasn’t arrived yet.

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Still waiting for my SP to arrive but managed to pick up a Sky B90 M for my right ear so I have a spare. I only paid £70 for the brand new, still sealed B90 M.

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You are getting quite a collection of aids.

I’m excited for new technology. I got an email today, the SP will be delivered tomorrow.


I also like the pricing! Wish we had NHS in Holland. Everyone here seems rather aware of the pricing before insurance. Had a contact actually emoting tears when I offered him 360€ for a pair of OPN 1 BTE’s!!

Finally have both pairs in my hands. Can start to wear them now. :slight_smile:

€360 is a good price for Oticon. I’ll only upgrade when I can pay less then £300 for a pair.

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I use the Roger System at work but am thinking of only buying only 1 x Roger receiver for my bad ear as I normally feel cut off by using 2 x Roger receivers.

I’ve got my ComPilot II for listening to music and making phone calls.

I was at work today and my right HA battery went dead and I didn’t have any spare batteries.

Took out my right aid and I could actually hear better in noise without my right aid, with just my left aid and hearing naturally through my right ear.

Got some thinking to do whether I only wear my left HA from now on.

Just tried to see if my left ear would fit the Sky M312 and it does.

The maximum MPO is 1 dB less then with the SP as it can’t go any higher but I’m sure that’s okay.

I’m right at the limit at 2 K but it seems to work and no feedback with my ear mould.

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Sounds about the same as the problem most face in a bar/restaurant: Is the noise level already high enough that people start talking in my hearing range or do I still have to rely on my aids?
In all honesty, I got tired of plugging in and out due to the change in noise and just use the Roger Pen. But in a work environment with a steady noise level due to machinery or work related activity, yes, I would choose to abandon HA in favor on my ears, too: It also save a lot of energy. Noise it much less tiring without aids to amplify them extra.

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I was to work today and it was definitely a lot easier without my right HA.

My left HA preforms very well in noise, it doesn’t get too loud and I can pick out speech very well.

BUT that’s another story with my right HA…

I don’t know if it’s because my left ear is conductive (100%) and my right ear is nerve damage.

Using my Roger for my left ear and naturally hearing through my right ear did very well. It didn’t sound odd to me.

Well the only way to access the DIY section is to go through my notifications as the whole DIY section has disappeared.

I’ve just bought myself another black Phonak Sky B90 M (312) (paid £48 brand new, still sealed) to go with my other one. My left ear fits the M power by using SoundRecover.

I will be using an ear mould in my left and a open dome in my right.

The M (312) can’t have the Roger attached to them but that’s okay as I got a ComPilot II donated to me and I was only really using the Roger to listen to music and the TV.

The purple colour of my SP and blue colour of my P hearing aids are nice but I’m now early 30s and I’m quite looking forward to having a black pair of aids.

I shall be keeping my SP and P hearing aids in case my hearing gets worse again.

I’m also job hunting and I think black looks more professional.

Finally got 2 x black hearing aids. I feel a lot more professional now.

Just waiting on the closed domes that I’ve decided to go with.