I’ve just upgraded to Phonak Bolero B90

I’ve just bought a Phonak Bolero B90 SP for my left and a Phonak Bolero B90 M for my right ear.

I’m excited for them to arrive and for me to start self programming them!

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I have a feeling you are going to like them.
Are they both size 13 batteries?
I am seeing a noticeable improvement from the Beyond AutoSense.

One is size 13, the SP. The other is size 312.

The single Marvel M50 that I’ve got is a massive improvement over my Q90 aids.

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The very short around the store trial of the KS9 aids at Costco we’re a step better than the Beyond but not as noticeable as the step from the Venture to the Beyond. The directionality of the KS9 (Marvel) aids was impressive.

The Bolero aids use the male screw on hooks or slimtubes. Are you set up to get right into these Bolero aids?

Ive literally just bought some hooks for the Bolero’s. They’ll be posted / shipped on Monday and will arrive Tuesday.

I’ve got my none vented ear mould on my left and a vented ear mould on my right. I thought it was a 1.5mm vent, but it’s actually a 2mm vent.

I’ll be Mrs Odd Hearing Aids but who cares. I’ll have a B90 M white aid and a B90 SP black aid.

Zebra aids!
Do you wear your hair to show off your aids?

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The Bolero B90 SP’s have worked quite nicely for me for 1 1/2 year now. They are fine for DIY. Enjoy!

Try to get your REM values from comparable molds: My audiologist claims the Phonak aids are quite good at getting the dB right, so your hearing canal is the main component for the difference in REM values. (Most important is apparently how deep the molds are inserted into your canals.)


You have always been Mrs Odd Hearing Aids. Actually, one white and one black is very subtle for you. :smile: Are you going for the more “professional” look these days? Can’t wait to see the pics.

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My friend has just got black Phonak’s and thought they looked very professional. I would of preferred 2 x black but I’ll have zebra aids instead. :joy:


I’ve posted about the disassembly of the Phonak Bolero B90 SP’s a little while back. Looking at the photo’s it should be apparent that it is really easy to switch outer bodies/casings.

Question is how to obtain them. The roundabout way seems to buy cheap B30 SP’s of the wanted color, switch casings and sell the B30’s off with added option to reprogram them with the buyer’s audiogram. The increase in value should cover at least the shipping costs.

That’s actually a really good idea @Markismus I’m going to keep an eye out for a B30 and change the casings over that way. Thanks.

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Did you get your new Bolero aids?

I haven’t yet. They are coming from the USA so will take a little while to get there.

I can swap the left and the right so the left can go on my right etc?

The SP is marked for the right and the M is marked for the left but I need them the opposite way round.

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Yes, you can swap them. Only problem with swapping that I read about, is keeping the programming on the swapped devices, but you’re going to reprogram them anyway. (Then again, I am using a serial HiPro for the Bolero B90’s, so I can force the right and left devices by coupling them to CAS44 cables. I have no idea, what the implementation is for other programmers.)


Just heard from one of the sellers (private), he dropped the B90 M on the floor when packaging it.
Managed to cancel the B90 SP, luckily.

I’ve just managed to get a Sky B90 P from a UK seller and a Sky B90 UP from a seller in Switzerland. Think I’m happier with these hearing aids more as they are in better colours.

Also bonus is the Sky’s allow Roger receivers on both aids.

AND I paid less as one of them is a UK seller.

Sorry about that.
Is the Sky UP a 675 aid? Big?

It was marked as a UP (675) but it’s actually a SP which is even better as then both aids take 13 batteries.

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Yes, that is great news. If the UP aid is not needed it’s nice to not have the big aid behind that ear.
What color /colors aids did you get?

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It’ll be nice to have smaller hearing aids.

The P is Caribbean Pirate and the SP is purple.

Can’t decide whether to marching Roger receivers now or go for different colours.

Not going to bother selling my Brio’s as the B90 only cost me £100 each so I won’t get much for my Brio’s at all.

Really can’t decide! :-/