I tried Oticon Intent 1. Expensive. Another option? Resound 1?

Heck of an assumption that the Costco deal has already been done with DeMant.

There’s been a reliable history of the 9030 and the 9040, so I don’t think it’d be a big deal to anticipate the 9050 to be available next. If there has been no history at all, then I’d agree that it’d be a big assumption.


DeMant had been selling the Bernafon hearing aid before the moving to Philips. So there is a long history of providing hearing aids to Costco.

Plus we have seen Philips provide information on the 9050, and when you went to where to buy them, the web site directed you to Costco.


Might well be so, but there was a fair running precedent with the KS10 also.

I’m not saying it won’t happen, but logistically there’s a bigger step this time; step change on model, step change on receivers and step change on chargers. None of which is backwardly compatible. That potentially rolls the dice on the supplier as there’s no continuity from the previous model.

However: it might all be signed and sealed with the Philips 9050.

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True, I don’t live in US.

So your suggestion is Philips Hearlink 9040?

I don’t seem to find them here. Still I’m glad to learn they exist. I will look further.

I see.

For instance, is it possible to get Oticon Intent and Resound One with mold and RIC (RIE/RITE)?

Not a problem.

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