I think it's time to upgrade my hearing aids?

I brought my phonak brio 3’s from Costco’s back in 2018 for around $2500 or thereabouts I can’t remember the exact prices it was 3+ years ago. While they are just over 3 years old I’ve loved them so much the problem is despite being careful I’ve had to make several trips over the last few years due to the receiver wire giving out on each aid and now two trips where the hearing aid itself just stopped working.

After it randomly stopped working last week I went back today to see if it was a simple fix and was told it isn’t the wire itself this time and due to it’s warranty expiration date being over by 2 months i’d have to pay $130 to send it back to phonak for diagnostic. My husband made a valid point if it costs $130 each time is it worth just paying that upto 3 times a year or would it be more affordable to go with a newer pair and have a warranty again for 2-3 years?

While I do love the hearing aids themselves at the time I didn’t have any technological needs and a basic phone and at the time my fitter couldn’t get the tcoil programmed to work with the phone I had at the time despite being hearing aid compatable I’ve spent the past 3 years actively avoiding calls because I still mishear phone calls through the microphones on the hearing aids and loudspeaker while it works makes those calls in noisier environments a pain in the butt. I now have a TCL 10 UW I’m eyeballing the Kirkland signiture 10 rechargable for $1399 would it be a huge step down after using phonak brio 3? While I’d love to be able to Bluetooth calls and maybe listen to music without having to remove my hearing aids to use headphones it’s not something I’ve had to think about before. My budget is quite a bit smaller than when I got my phonaks and a family member has said that if need be they can help.

I’ve had oticons, phonaks and Phillips in the past as hearing aids and usually I get 5-8 years out of the BTE. The RICs were a new area for me I did toy with going back to BTE as I can maintain the tubing for moulds myself but I adored RICs because you can’t see the wires unless it’s pointed out.

Looking forward to anyone’s thoughts and thank you for reading

Sorry if I misunderstand, but how is going from Brio 3 to Kirkland Sig 10 a step down?

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That would be a significant step UP, IMO

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Thank you for the replies. Usually I my hearing aids last longer so getting new ones after a mere 3 years isn’t something I’d normally do, and while I know technology jumps leaps and bounds each year I worry it sets a precidence of upgrading every 3 years.

I’ve spoken to my husband who has concerns that my Costco’s fitter will direct me the more expensive hearing aids again due to the previous brands I’ve had., he said at most my budget could extend to maybe $1800 in total covering costs of membership and custom moulds but that’s a maximum we could afford for a small budget. I’m also looking at the Jabra brand as well as a alternative but need to research more.

I’ve replaced my receivers myself and it’s not hard to do. Also, I can buy them online for a lot less them my audi charged when they replaced one.

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I bought the Costco Signature 10’s a couple of months ago and am pretty darned tickled. The Sig’s are my 4th pair of hearing aids I’ve owned over the last 15 years.

My Resound Versa’s RIC’s are still working after 8 years but I thought it was time for an upgrade. Wow, I had no idea how much of an upgrade it was going to be. I had a nightmare of a time getting the Resounds fitted properly over the 8 year period. I went to Denver to check out the Phonak 90’s and the audiologist did a REM and, finally, after fooling with 4 audiologist in our area, the hearing aids worked the best the ever had. She wanted too much money for the Phonaks (and Denver, is 7 hours south of where we live). So, after doing a lot of research, I drove 2 1/2 hours to the Billings Costco.

The Costco experience was great and the hearing aids are wonderful. The Android app to control the aids is pretty crummy but I’m getting used to it. Actually, the “Automatic” default program is pretty amazing and I use it most of the time. It even works pretty well when I play my fiddle or banjo in our old time sessions though the audiologist did install a program that works particularly well with the fiddle.

Talking on the phone through the HA’s is terrific as is streaming music. I’ve hated talking on the phone for years but that’s changed, for sure.

I switched from domes to custom molds on the Resounds after 3 or 4 years and in the last year or so, I was having feedback problems. I “test drove” the Sig 10’s with a “double dome” for 30 days but didn’t care for the occlusion effect and, when I went back, I asked if they had a tip that was a bit more open. They fitted them and they are working great. No feedback at all.

Oh, and I can finally drive a car and hear my wife (and that’s a good thing :slightly_smiling_face:)


That’s great to hear :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s amazing how the new hearing aids have no feedback!

I found there is an issue with Costco / Phonak hearing aids crackling during phone calls with the latest iPhones (there is a huge forum thread on here).

@Pilotbob i Actually toyed with that idea of just replacing the recievers myself but I have custom moulds as well to make sure I don’t have feedback issues. If I just had domes of go that route for definate.

@rjs that is great to hear, I’ve worn hearing aids 33 years myself but they were always free on the NHS till I moved to the states 9 years ago. Then it was eye opening the choices, so many audiologists and different brands to choose from and the biggest shock was the prices it’s how and why I went to Costcos it worked great for me experience wise I’ve had no major sound issues minus wear and tear. I’m still researching at this point and need to discuss budget and how to best pay for them without resorting to a credit card