I posted my audiogram

I just added my Audio to my profile. I don’t know if it will automatically show up or now. I’m sure there are a lot of people with worse hearing problems than mine. How do I make my Audio gram show up?

You succeeded! All we have to do is to click on the little grey headphones (or palm tree–depending on perspective) and audiogram will show up. You have a pretty significant loss, especially in the right ear.

Thanks, I try to click on the little headphones icon and it is greyed out and doesn’t change.

Just click on the blue P.

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Yes, I guess it’s quite a loss. The AUD at the VA said I had SSD. I can hear noises in my right ear but can hardly discern any words. I’m so glad to have the CROS aids, they work remarkably well.

please tell me you have CROS in both ears?

Yes, I have the CROS transmitter aka Dummy in the right ear and an AudeoB-13 in the left ear connected to the right side. I only hear my Compilot II in one ear but it’s better than nothing. I’m hoping one of these they come up with a newer version of CROS that is a direct connect via Bluetooth and TV streaming.

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