I out grew costco

Costco is a pleasure to deal with. This is my first post and I’m learning a lot.

I currently have nine year old resound ha. Before my left ha died the Costco rep told me the aid was at its max and that new ones could be pushed a little further. This is how I found this site. What I think I’ve learned so far is that there is no best, just what’s best for the persons needs.

I did find out that I’m qualified for va HAs. I signed up with the VA in Jan and my first appointment was in March, now set for Oct 1.

At this point I’ll just have to wait and read.


And wait, and wait… I received my last two VA trial hearing aids in the mail. My current Starkey Edge AI are fine–I can wait for them to open up again, and wait…

I think you will find that you like the VA audiological experience. They have all the latest hearing aids. The Audiologists have always treated me well and have gone out of their way to give me all the help they can. The only down side is that at this time, things are kinda slow because of Covid. It will settle down one of these days. Best wishes…


Giving the va the benefit of the current times communication and misdirected paperwork have been???

Sorry, I have not had those experiences…they always treat me like I own the place…


Like regular audiologists, VA clinics vary. Most folks here who get their aids through the VA are very happy with the aids and service they have obtained. Some, less so. The VA does dispense the highest level of aids by several different vendors. I am currently waiting for my nearest clinic to begin seeing patients in person again. No idea yet when that will be.

I’m sure the VA audiologist Dept and their product are wonderful, I haven’t gotten there yet.

Just got an appointment for community care. Maybe now, fingers crossed

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