I need a lot of help I just don’t even want to wear my hearing aids anymore

I need a lot of help I just don’t even want to wear my hearing aids anymore.
I started wearing hearing aids at the age of 35 I am now 48 I have endured headaches jaw pain neck pain migraines my H loss is frustrating… I tried to find my hearing test today and gave up because I know it’s a severe loss and I just felt so fatigued from The trial of new hearing aids which are called the resound 3-D Linc got to say I do like using it with my iPhone but it’s just killing me I can only have it up to number 4 and I’m feeling pain I’ve been using oticon alta pro for a couple years and started out with the Deltas by Oticon I have to say there’s a little hearing aids were wonderful when I started but I wanted to hear better and every since I have just been in pain it even changes my mood I don’t want to be a crybaby however maybe life is better hearing only what you can I’m sick of pain and I’ve really tried to work with my doctors I would like new hearing aids so I could hear better but again I am just ready to give up hearing loss is so difficult for each person individually one minute I feel great , I’m sick of it all … I ended up in the hospital with a cluster migraine take the hearing aids out it goes away doctor denied it and the new audiologist I went to says you know I really need to turn your hearing aids up yet I can’t seem to adjust , why ? My Oticon auto pros are right now I don’t I can’t because I have where they’re not working anymore I’m sure it’s from moisture it’s so hot here in Florida and humid you’re in the heat and the AC I just seems like they just don’t work well and I live on the ocean this seems like an endless battle I really do need to be able to hear has is there anyone out there experiencing what I am experiencing I’m considering a new audiologist with this would be number four I know I have to be my own advocate and keep trying I just feel like crying all the time my poor family is very supportive however it is very hard on them and me I’m over the embarrassment of hearing aid I don’t care as long as I don’t have to have pain what they look like I just need a good experience not perfect please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated … thank you

Maybe change wax filters on your Oticon Alta Pros?
I can’t tell? Do you like your Oticon Alta Pros?

Here’s my take, but first a disclaimer. I don’t really know what’s going on and you’re ultimately going to have make your own decisions. To me it sounds like you’re depressed. I don’t think you’re going to be able to deal with your medical/hearing issues until the depression is better under control. Once depression is doing better, you’ll need to work with medical professionals to work this out. I can’t say if this audiologist will work for you or not. If hearing aids continue to give you pain/severe headache, then working with your primary physician is in order. A referral to neurology or a headache clinic might be in order. I’m convinced your situation can be improved, but it will take patience. Good luck!


I do deal with depression however my hearing situation is really difficult i have been told i am hard to treat my med dose is for a 70 year old person… after years of dealing with this problem anyone may feel depressed , wouldn’t you ., so in answeri have seen a neuralgist and i am doing much better thank you … frustrated pain and a hearing impairment is well :joy::blush: anyway I won’t give up but sometimes need to just vent …


Hearing Aids should not cause pain. Physically, once you get used to them you should not even feel them at all. The sound they produce should not cause pain either. Wearing them should be mostly transparent. If this is not the case, then either the physical fit needs adjustment or some change, or the way they handle sound needs adjustment.

It might be helpful to write down the specific things, in detail, about the hearing aid experience that are troubling you. This way your audiologist will have some concrete things to go on. Conversely, if you find the things you have written down are not exactly things directly related to fit and sound processing, you will know that you need to take the list to your counselor, clergy, or trusted friend.


Ow Shania! Here’s a BIG HUG first off! I can feel your pain and frustration even way across the country, on top of a mountain a mile high! I agree with Don - HAs should NOT cause discomfort that could trigger headaches and/or feeling depressed. Does that mean they don’t? In fact, your living in FL means that you’ll have additional challenges of humidity, swelling, sweating, aids that don’t SIT in the ear cuz they slip out, aids that malfunction from sweat behind the ear and in the hair. I’ve had all that while traveling to very humid places, and am grateful to live in the dry air I do at home.

I’m guessing you’ve switched from an in-the-ear Oticon Alta Pro (what I also used to wear) to a behind-the-ear Resound LiNX model. If so, know that just the weight of that unit behind your ear can really feel HEAVY initially! On top of which, if the receiver that goes in your ear canal is not a proper fit, it can literally make the side of your head ache! All this I have also experienced. So you are not alone.

Part of the journey for us hearing impaired is acceptance and forgiveness! No kidding, you are what you are. That done (ahem, not always easy), it’s essential that you get an audiologist who knows your story. This kind of relationship is built up over time. When your audiologist is familiar with your issues and goals, you can work together - and believe me, being fit with a good pair of aids is rocket science! I tried out 3 other brands over 2 years before settling on my current Phonak Audeo B-Direct aids.

Are they perfect? NO! But still, like a Buddhist challenge, I have to accept that life is not perfect, no hearing aid solution is perfect, and come to think of it, I AM NOT perfect! :slight_smile:

Don’t give up and get frustrated. Accept that there are frustrations and discomfort unless and until you are persistent and go back again and again to get the right aid for your loss. If it’s moderate/severe, you will likely need a more powerful aid. The key is to find one that actually is tuned to help you hear better AND you don’t even know you’re wearing it.

Please hang in there and come back here to vent. We are here for each other, knowing that we all walk that walk… oh, and stumble that stumble.


i’ve been wearing hearing aids for over a decade. Sudden hearing loss brought about referrals, CT scan, then finally seeing an audiologist. She did a wonderful job of programming them. I had natural sound for voices, music, everyday things like a passing bicycle, birds singing. Then after just a week I began to experience redness, scabs, bleeding everywhere the custom molds touched my ears.

I was allergic to my ear molds. The audiologist didn’t believe this. I returned the hearing aids. Once again I was plunged into a world with little sound. I tried two more audiologists. One fitted me with hearing aids not even meant for my level of hearing loss. So now I’ve been thru the routine of three different audiologists and multiple adjustments by two of them.

It was on this forum a university student in Canada suggested lucite molds. She had also experienced allergy with silicone molds. I was frustrated, tired of a life around just appointments and failures. My husband was so supportive and insisted we keep on until I had the best hearing possible given the extent of my loss.

I saw an audiologist who had seen patients who were allergic to custom silicone molds. She had molds made of lucite for me. Then came the programming of the new aids. Almost right for some things but unnatural for my life and frustrating with more and more appointments for programming changes.

My husband a d ENT doctor both said return to audiologist number 1. After all, she did have the art of getting sounds natural for me. That was the solution! It had taken several years at this point since my sudden hearing loss. I would’ve given up had it not been for my family’s support and resigned myself to a world of learning how to sign, no music, videos with subtitles.

Fast forward to today. I’m still in those same hearing aids. I’ve tried for over 5 years and with different audiologists to get fitted with new ones. My hearing hasn’t substantially changed but my aids are so old Phonak no longer would repair them. The audiologist with the art to give me real life audio no longer practices. My husband has passed on. I am disabled and do not drive. My ancient hearing aids do still work, although not as well even tho no substantial change in audiogram.

However, I feel your pain. Have trialed at least 3 different brands. Multiple adjustments. Nothing even comes close to natural sound for conversation. Music whether downloaded or live is actually painful.

When I’ve had needed eye surgery, caught up with dental work and other priorities I will continue to pursue this ongoing quest for new hearing aids and hope you will find your solution either with a different brand of aids, a new audiologist or both.

I fully understand why the majority of people with severe hearing loss keep their hearing aids in their dresser drawer.

Wearing hearing aids in Florida can be a challenge because sweat & water are your Kryptonite now (that’s how I explain it to people so they understand). If you’re going to be outside sweating or it starts to sprinkle take your hearing aids out. I announce to the people I’m with that “I’m taking my ears out!” so they know I won’t be able to hear them as well. I actually have my last pair of hearing aids put aside as my “theme park ears.” They don’t work as well as my current pair but if they get lost or sweaty because I’m at a theme park or doing something outside it isn’t as big of a deal. Make sure you have a small, waterproof container to pop your hearing aids into if you get caught in one of our frequent showers. Good luck.

You know I really appreciate that everyone in these last couple of emails has been understanding I really feel like the person that made the comment about depression and things like that sounds like an audiologist that really has no empathy or true understanding of this disorder that is rare when it comes to discomfort with hearing aids with the headache and jaw pain

I kind a look at it this way a lot of people get frustrated with people because they say they don’t feel good but believe me they would not be talking about it if they did feel good it’s not in their head and less you experienced this pain to someone that has a lack of humility or care for others to even begin to understand they just dismissed it and say hey you’re crazy unless it happens to them then they understand I will keep trying I have taken the hearing aids out … and I did announce it to my family to my surprise yes they are watching out for everything I do because they are worried about what I cannot hear lovingly I know this is because they care about me a lot I’m going to be detailed when I talk to the audiologist and I know it takes time this industry is very difficult God made our ears in mankind has no ability To figure it out one thing is for sure I appreciate that there are more kind people that I’ve heard from it has encouraged me thank you so much

One suggestion for several here:
You might see if there is a university in your area with an audiology program. They have specialist that may be able to help solve the various problems remarked on here. Many of the professors have added expertise for specific areas.




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I understand your frustration. I started hearing aids after combat in the Korean war and experienced pain from loud sounds of all kinds. I learned that I was overly sensitive to loud sounds, called “Recruitment”. When I got hearing aids that prevented excessive loud sounds The pain went away, except for sore ears from wearing Lucite (hard) ear molds. Our ear canals are constantly flexing when we talk, chew and smile. Flexible, Medical grade silicone rubber solved my sore ear problems. I get the earmold DIY material for about $5-$15 each mold from earmolds.info I pray that you solve your problems and learn to enjoy the hearing world.

Hi Shanie I, too, suffer from migraines and noise, pressure, and light can trigger them.
Thankfully, my hearing aids don’t. It’s sometimes a difficult journey living with these issues. I hope you have some relief soon.

I know a little bit of what you are going through,I can’t seem to find the right hearing aids that work for me either,I have been wearing aids since 2011 they were the Resounds Future they worked really well for almost 7 years,but I had ear tubes put in my ears from fluid build up from a ear infection last aug,the tubes should not have been put in! I am left with a bigger problem with my hearing lost,but ENT said that hearing aids will help and does not know what went wrong with the lost hearing after tubes!,well bought aids from Costco’s because of the price and I am on a budget,well had to turned in the K7 and K8 did not work for me,got loaners Resounds that worked so well for me before now do not work! try 2 others,I have been back to Costco I can’t tell you how many times to please help me with this problem. Now will get a second opinion in 2 weeks from a new ENT.I am at a lost of what to do now.

One thing no one has mentioned regarding Florida’s humidity and moisture. They have what they call dryers to put your aids in at night to take care of the moisture. Moisture will stop your aids from working. There are several kinds on line, I bought mine from my audiologist, a simple one that contains beads, when the beads turn green means moisture, then pop the unit into the microwave for 20 seconds on high to restore it to original color of orange which will continue to extract moisture in aids.

Hope this makes sense.

There are more extensive ones that may work better in your state.

Yes it does make sense my audiologist said oh I play tennis in mind meeting her aids however when I work out I really do poor sweat the last couple of days without the hearing aids have been peaceful it’s kind of gave me a new perspective of things I guess when you deal with a hearing problem it’s an ongoing education thank you for the reminder

Update I am suffering from recruitment :sleepy: however i am relieved to know … but mow were do i start … i did post a new topic about my audiologist visit …

I pour sweat also when working out and ALWAYS remove my hearing aids before going to the gym. I use inexpensive ear buds to listen to music while exercising. I also have a dryer that I use nightly - it is an electronic device with warm air blower and UV light disinfectant. I’ve been using this method for years and generally don’t have issues with moisture.

I live in Florida and moisture is an problem to my hearing aids. I use a ha dryer to remove moisture. If you have sweat on your aids then you need to use a hearing aid sweat guards over the aids. I had to use hard molds because soft molds will irritate my ears. I had to order special earmolds that are both soft and hard plastic. Soft side in the canal for better seal and hard on the outer ear. I am tired of going to audiologists to adjust the aids so l brought a hearing aid programmer and l make the educated adjustments myself.

Carolo: please accept my condolences on the loss of your husband. He sounds like a wonderful man who supported you in your search for a solution to a difficult hearing situation. You mentioned that you do not drive. If that is an issue, perhaps Uber would work for you.