I need a HCP signin to use Remote Care. Borrow HiPro/cables in Los Angeles area (West LA preferably)

I believe that I can use Remote Care to better fit my OPN S1 instruments. I have Genie 2, latest version for 2020. BUT it seems that you need a HCP’s sign in to use it, and that comes from Oticon. Any suggestions for how I can get that signin name/password?

Also, I’d like to borrow someone’s HiPro and cables to see what I can do if RemoteCare route won’t work. I’ll gladly pay to rent and also the postage.

You’d be better off getting the Noahlink or FittingLink 3.0 to program them yourself. That remote care is for your audiologist to use.

Use the search button from right here on hearingtracker, you’ll find everything you need to know for DIY.

Good luck

The best way to learn is to search for your particular aids in the DIY forum. You will start picking up things, it eventually gets clearer and easier. Your questions will get better and members will help you.
It is a self motivated area.
Hang in there.

Hi 1628w9st, what did you do in the end? I have OPNs and just installed Genie 2, I too thought I would be able to use remote care to set up my hearing aids wirelessly, but from what I read here, it seems like using a device such as Noahlink is mandatory. Could you confirm this? Thank you!