I need a hands-free solution

My audi originally suggested the Phonak eXtra for me and put me in Dot 10s. So far I really like the Dots even though I have only been wearing them since Friday. They are comfortable; I have worn them 15-16 hours a day and have been since I picked them up. I went for a brief ride yesterday in my car with the top down and I don’t believe that is going to be an issue, having the top down is a big issue for me. I work in many different large data centers and I although haven’t been in a data center yet I will be in at least two today for a good test, which I believe will be successful since I was OK in the car. And even though this is the only pair of HAs I have ever worn I’m not sure I want to give them up, but I need a hands-free phone solution, it’s a must have. I sometimes need to be on the phone with both hands free and a speaker phone isn’t an option due to the amount of background noise in data centers and I flat refuse to hold my phone when I am driving and it’s hard to drive, shift and hold a phone anyway.

So I may try the eXtras since the eXtra has a T-coil which would solve the hands-free phone issue, but does anyone know of a solution for the Dots? Will a Artone neck loop work? Or does it require the HA have a T-coil like the Bluetooth version? What about a simple ear hook, do those require T-coils?

Has anyone worn the eXtras and the Dots and how do they compare?

dot is a high end instrument with less than 3 months of release
extra is a mid price instrtument… We are not comparing apples to apples

while it is accepted that phonak might have an overall better portfolio,
I would say the dot is a far superior product… (assuming we are talking
dot 30 thatis)
the dot 10 should be similar to the extra …

I have the Dot 10.

Whether it was the dot 30 or the Pulse, my Bluetooth solution was a standard bluetooth device that fit in the ear like an earbud, with the thin tube or receiver tube in place. I’ve even used iPhone or iPod wired earbuds with the tubes in place.

The thing that initially attracted me to the Azure was the Bluetooth option, but 9 months ago it was not available in the US. I decided to get GN ReSound Pulse aids and the Bang & Olufsen bluetooth for my cellphone. The combination for me works well. http://www.bang-olufsen.com/page.asp?id=183

In my vehicle, I’m fortunate to have a factory bluetooth handsfree setup that my cellphone works with, and that works well too.

bang olfsen is the BOMB!

What do you think is the best way to go, getting an aid that is bluetooth ready or using a neckloop for aids with telecoils? I’m new to all this so if there is something I’m missing please fill me in.

If you need hands free phone the you really should try the Epoq XW with a streamer. Pretty good sound quality. I can also selectively mute the mics in the hearing aids and crank up the volume (all with the streamer) without any feedback. This really helps me in the data center. I can also connect it to my pc and office phone via Bluetooth or wire.

httyuwma, it sounds like your an advanced Epoq user. Can you comment on the sound quality of the Epoq’s utilizing Bluetooth? The point was made elsewhere that the Epoq only transmits mono sound quality. While the newer Exelia aids transmit stereo.

Have you noticed that sound quality difference? Obviously it’s not going to matter on the phone, but for music, tv, etc.

I’d be interested in an overall review by you of the Epoq as well.


doesnt work with the apple
un less U got leopard

The Streamer is mono. But the sound is incredible. Like diving in a pool of sound. But then again, I am hard of hearing so my opinion is really not expert on sound. I believe the Epoq have a better frequency range and less distortion, but I am not 100% sure.

Overall aid is pretty amazing. Just talk to fitters on their success rates. Most users do not get the Streamer but it was the primary reason for me due to phone usage. I really like the MyVoice feature.

1 out of 4 epoqs sells with the streamer - cold fact…

You see, when the Epoq was launch- it was know as the cell phone hearing aid, which was a hughe mistake by oticon. This is why it did not really capitalize in the amount of sales management estimated (as said by Jacobson - WD president)… They had to reposition

I believe the 1 out of 4 is because most of the fitters are not pushing it or offering a trial. I believe it is the best way to communicate on the phone, or listen to music for someone who has hearing aids and can be fitted with it. I had to teach my fitter how to program it.

As I’m hard of hearing as well, and trying to make up my mind between the Epoq and Exelia/Nadia, I’m interested in your observations. Obviously the Exelia/Nadia are newer and have stereo transmission rates, but I like the look of the Epoq streamer better than the ICom. Not sure of the features of the transmitters, but they sound the same. Plus I like the fact that you don’t have to get special batteries for the Epoq.

Also, I’m not sure if I can go to my fitter and say I want to try Epoq, then Exelia, then go back to Epoq (or vice versa).

oticon is cheaper, - generally compared to phonak.
Oticon comes @ 3 price points


I am in the same situation, I tried siemens centra first, it was awful & am now using Exelia, but haven’t been back for adjustments yet, so far it seems ok, but rather tinny, I go back tomorrow & hopefully they will have the icom for me to try also, I will let you know my impressions after I have fine tuned the aids & tried the icom. I will be trying the Epoq & streamer next & may go back & forth between the 2 before I decide, I can’t tell you if your fitter will allow this as I am in Germany so different rules apply.

Thanks Leky! Hope your successful in your evaluation. I’m interested in your feedback as well. I’m really interested in is a good picture and description of the ICom.

Well, for me with my current aids (Dot 10s) there isn’t a Bluetooth solution. The Phonak eXtra micro, which was also what my audi suggested for me, doesn’t have a T-coil either and I don’t want to switch to a larger aid. So I am going to switch to a non-Bluetooth phone with and I believe I can find a cable hands-free device that will work.

Personally after wearing my hearing aids with bluetooth for the last 4 months I would not even consider one with out it. It really opens up quite a bit of possibilities.

I’m sure it does, but I’m not ready to double my HA investment or switch to another device. These have worked very well for me so far, they work in the noisy environments (data centers) I visit and work very well in my car with the top down. I had no desire to purchase a new car or keep the top up. I need only to test the aids in a noisy restaurant with friends and have plans to do so tonight. If the aids work there, and I suspect they will) I’ll live with a wired cell phone hands-free device and keep what I have.

Well I still don’t have the icom, apparently Phonak are in the process of sending it out throughout Europe, so hopefully it will arrive soon. I have also ordered the mypilot so that I can try the audio zoom program on the Exelia. I did have the aids adjusted Friday and they are much better. I was out with a friend in a noisy Irish pub and he kept asking me to repeat myself whilst I was hearing fine.