I made a movie about my broken BAHA


I was born with aural atresia on my right side. That means I don’t have an ear canal on the right side of my skull. Approximately two years ago I found out about how a BAHA could give me stereo hearing. I am a musician and an artist. I wanted stereo hearing more than anything. I was denied coverage by Group Health. I got a new job and changed health insurance plans to Aetna. They approved the surgery and BAHA. One March 11th 2010 my BP100 was snapped onto my abutment and I could hear for the first time in my life out of two ears.

But my BP100 has broken like 6 times and it’s now in the shop getting fixed. Yet Again. Why does Cochlear make such inferior products? And why do they take up to six weeks to make repairs that Oticon can do in one day?
So… I made an awesome movie about my malfunctioning BP100 and it can be viewed here:



what was the meter in the video showing/registering? was the BAHA working at the time you made the video?



Interesting video!



So that a bit loud huh lol…:smiley:
BTW, ya don’t look that damn old to me.