I lost ONE Phonak Nadia S IX SP. Have a older V SP. Should I use it, replace w/S or upgrade to Q?

I have no idea of the real degree of improvement of sound between these three models. I have a moderate to severe hearing loss.

I might just wait until there is a true IPhone-to-HA becomes available.

I need to make a decision soon so any help will be very much appreciated.

How long have you had the S IX SP’s? Did they come with a loss warranty in addition to the regular warranty? Who knows you may still be covered.

If you currently use StereoZoom, ZoomControl or DuoPhone you’ll need a matching S IX, otherwise these features won’t work. Or you’ll need a pair of Q90’s. You can’t mix and match the two.

There are out of warrantee.

Is there a significant improvement from the S to the Q90?

Is there a significant improvement from the S to the Q90?

I replied to the wrong link.

Thanks for your reply. Will the S in one ear, and a Q in the other, work together? They seem to have many of the same features.

Unless you use stereozoom a lot or are in a lot of windy situations, then there aren’t any major advantages to the Quest vs. Spice+ Naida SP & UP.

i would use the old one and i would wait till April 2014 that Phonak will bring a new plateform out and then since you purchase IX products, maybe worth not spending so much money on one aid that is not in sync with the other.