I Live in Canada: Does This Change How I Get Started in DIY?

I’ve just had THE EXPERIENCE that turns me OFF of audiologists and ON to DIY. But is living in Canada going to affect my portals for software and the availability of equipment?

No, any place in the world works.

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Well, maybe that is overstating. There are places where sellers are afraid to ship merchandise into that region/country due to package theft. So buyers in those places may have limited choices for their equipment purchases.

Found it already. Thanks for your invaluable resources.

But is Noahlink something that you get massively dinged for by Customs, do you know?

I don’t think so, But Canadian members will know better. btw> It’s Noahlink Wireless because NOAHlink is something you don’t want.

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@pvc: Yes - thanks for picking me up on that. I know better but was being lazy. [I have an essential hand tremor that’s worse on some days than on others, and I get lazy with my typing, to save keystrokes.]

There’s someone trying to sell their NW here. I bought mine through ebay out of the states.

Customs and duties are mostly a thing of the past. Brokerage (by the shipping company) and taxes are now. Always ask for USPS. If you’re not a company then there’s rarely ever any extra charges along the way.
Some larger online places will have their own charges for shipping across the border.
If you live close to the border and can use the ArriveCan app for getting back then you could use any one of the US border package drop off places to deliver to and then go pick it up. Very small fees from them for that service. Bring it back and declare it and you probably won’t get charged any taxes.

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@z10user2: This has not been my experience. Customs recently dinged me $48 to clear an obsolete Unitron streamer that a member of this forum sent me for free.

There’s still a value to the product. Was that sent via UPS or FedEx?
I got the Phonak TV Connector and the NW from the states. Nothing was charged. Like I said, the large online vendors like ebay and Amazon have their own cross border system. But it certainly wouldn’t come to $48 for a small item of little value.

Free items may be a red flag to customs agents.