I hear less with my HA in then without, in my right ear


My hearing loss in my right ear is better then my left ear.

When I’m in a very noisy environment, I’ve found out I hear less background noise with my HA in, then without my HA. I hear very well in Noise and despite hearing less background noise with my HA in, I hear Speech very well with my HA in and it’s very clear.

Does anyone find this? Should I change my settings or leave it?



You do not say what model hearing aids you have. I notice with my new aids made by Rexton I hear much less background noise by design. I have been told they emphasize speech recognition.

I definitely comprehend speech much better that with either my old Resound aids or newer Resound aids. If you hear well with your aids, they are doing their ob, in my opinion.

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I wear Phonak Brio P-UP which are re-named but are basically the Phonak Naida Q90 UP without EchoBlock.



Are you wanting to hear more noise?



I found if I lowered the UltraZoom, I hear more background noise.



^^^ I, for one, would NOT want to dial up the background noise in an already noisy place (restaurant, large gathering, etc.,). So It seems that your aids are doing you a favor by letting you hear speech BETTER even in noisy places. THAT is the “holy grail” for all aids: can they actually zero in on the speech frequencies to somehow make them stand out amongst all the other noise going on.

If you lower UltraZoom, it stands to reason that you are actually LOWERING the ability to zero in on speech frequencies, and therefore, all noise is coming up to the same volume - if that makes sense?

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