I have some questions

I looked at the Zounds Imprezo hearing aid and was quite impressed. It was a little expensive and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t buy it (approx. $3,800 for both ears). Some of the options the HA included were rechargeable batteries (and replacements for those rechargeable batteries for life), remote control unit to fine tune the HA, the HA is programmable and free audio testing and programming is available when needed, two year bumper to bumper warranty, free cleaning and new microphone heads (that go in the ear) for life.
I know nothing about hearing aids including what’s a good buy and what’s not. I have a few questions and would appreciate any and all responses.
Am I being too cheap? Is there another brand that I should look at. Any review on Zounds would also be appreciated (those that I could find were all positive)?

Randy Veach

Freq. 250 500 750 1K 1.5K 2K 3K 4K 6K 8K

Right 40 40 40 40 45 40 55 65 65 90

Left 30 30 35 30 35 40 55 55 75 85

One of my co-workers purchased from Zounds recently and seems to be pleased. They have a location very close to my home, but I’m a little hesitant on them since they seem to be a small player in the market.

As mentioned, they are a minor player but the price isn’t. It is twice the price of an equivalent aid from Costco. Connect Hearing price matching would give you a premium aid for a similar price. It is hard to recommend an unknown product with that pricing.

As to reviews, they are a suspect item with many false or paid for reviews.