I hate these! Everything is soooo loud and sounds so metallic

How long does it take to get used to “digital” sound?
I started wearing these KS6 on Thursday. Sorry I’ve been trying to be positive but today I’m having a negative moment - I hope that’s what this is!

I’m new to hearing aids as well. I’ve had mine for 6 days. I have the Phonak V90 312T for my tinnitus and really like them so far. I don’t notice a very metallic sound although I am hearing things I haven’t heard in years. My Audiologist recommended that I don’t wear them full time for a while and gradually get used to them as they don’t replace “normal” sounds. According to her the brain needs to get used to the new sounds. She said a child, for example, can immediately wear HA’s full time because their brain is more flexible in adapting to change. For me, at 59, she recommended a slower transition. So far it has worked. I don’t even notice that I’m wearing them much of the time now until I take them out. Then it sounds like I’m under a blanket for a while. Good luck!

Thank you for responding- yesterday was a better day. I’m not sure what’s up that they are so irritating today.
I think I just needed to admit this is a big transition for me.
Good to hear your aids are working well for you.

I’ve worn aids for more than a decade, and I’m on day 3 with my KS6 aids. I like them a lot, and since I’m a relatively longtime ReSound user, there was no adjustment time for me. With my very first aids - Widex Senso Diva in-the-canal aids over a decade ago - big adjustment. You’ll get there!

I think it’s a lot to get used to. When I put mine on this morning everything sounded REALLY LOUD! After a while things got back to normal (such as it is with HA’s) again. I really think there are alot of growing pains to get used to wearing something in your ear all the time but I don’t expect “normal”. I’m in this for the long haul since I know my hearing won’t ever get better. Maybe you need to get some adjustments made? I know I had to get the frequency for my tinnitus masker changed to a higher frequency for it to work better. I think I’m going to be seeing my Audiologist quite a bit for a while.

Thank you-I hope I get there too!
do you have any words of wisdom ? Or suggestions? or recommendations for me?

If you have the KS6 is it paired to your iPhone? Triple click or go into the app and turn the volume down a bit.

Yes -I have an appointment for adjustment and I’m actually hopeful .
I do want to hear again! They are pretty irritating,tickle in my ear canal and sound so mechanical.
I have longish hair ,getting used to the hair brushing up against the microphone.
I have mild to moderate hearing loss- BTE ITC HA.
thank you for responding and I’m glad to hear you’re both doing well with you’re HA.

Can you post your audiogram and tell us about your history with hearing aids? its hard to know what your problem adapting is caused by without knowing more about you and your hearing loss.

I will say that I have noticed the “metallic” sound occasionally, primarily in very noisy situations where the aid is trying to compensate and goes a little too far. But most of the time my aids sound completely natural. I’m sitting here in my back yard listening to the birds and frogs and the sound of my neighbor putting together patio furniture and the voices of my children playing and it all sounds perfect.

Perhaps your aids are being too aggressive with noise reduction or something could be done with other settings. Take detailed notes about the situations in which you’re having problems and make an appointment with your fitter at Costco. You might be amazed by what they can do.

I have an iPad and I’ve turned the sound down and the treble down also.
It has helped alot😜

How do I post my audio gram? How do I read my audiogram? I had a hearing test about a month ago.
I didn’t realize my insurance would not cover HA’s at all!
so I went to Costco- the two audio grams are slightly different- which one should I use?

Everyone is different but the loudness should start sounding more normal within a week or two. Within a month you should be used to them. You might try turning the volume down a little if you have a volume setting.

You might as well use the latest one.

There are two graphs on the audiogram sheet, one for each ear. For each, there is a series of points connected by lines; or, if you like, a rather long line with points marked on it. Each point represents a loudness measurement at a certain frequency. The frequency is underneath the point at the bottom of the graph, and the loudness value (in DB units) is across from the point at the left of the graph. People on this forum generally edit their “signatures” which automatically are displayed at the bottom of each post. Put a table – see mine below, in my signature, for an example – in your signature. You don’t have to use a table with lines like mine as long as you present the numbers for the points in the audiogram in some readable way.

To edit your signature click on the Settings link at the top, near the right side, of any forum page and then on the Settings page click on Edit Signature in the left column.

anything else I should add?

Not for me, but I don’t even have my first hearing aids yet! Maybe one of the audiologists or similar might suggest something you can add, but what you’ve got is sufficient to give knowledgeable folks a snapshot of what you do and don’t hear.

Meanwhile, where you have “7K?” that would be 6K.


I just wanted to add that I also have “bad days” when I turn down the volume. That´s usually when I have stress or feel ill or something.

latinist, your hearing loss seems to be very minimal. i wonder if that makes a difference.

So -I decided to see the " more experienced " audiologist vs the other person I’ve seen at Costco for my next appointment.
THANK YOU EVERYONE😘 All your suggestions have helped me.
I’m the only one of my friends that has a HA.
So I need and appreciate your support.

I’ve been wearing hearing aids since the early 70’s. Even so, it takes me about a month to fully adapt to a new HA.

I am on week three of wearing hearing aids for the first time. Everything was so loud for the first couple of weeks. Paper, walking, closing doors, other people’s cell phone alerts. It is getting better, it just takes a while for the ears to get used to hearing again. It will get better, it just takes some time.

In your signature please post your speech recognition test scores (SRT) for left and right ears. The other piece of information that is helpful to know is the WRS (word recognition scores) expressed as a % of words correct at a given level.

Hang in there. The journey is difficult and emotional. Being able to hear is really important and worth the struggle in the beginning.