I got up my nerve, connected to my More1's, and saved the data

I haven’t posted much, I’ve been following forum discussions, got Noahlink Wireless and Genie2, and learning a great deal. Recently, my audi essentially told me that my hearing loss was severe, and that I can “actually communicate in those type environments is an amazing achievement”. So, I wanted to first look at what Genie2 showed that already was programmed, and second, try to improve.

There were three things that immediately were apparent. TNR was supposed to be HI, because of my Chihuahua, but it was medium, so I set HI. Next, Neural Noise Suppression, both Easy and Difficult, were left on Default settings. I reset both to their Max (4db & 10db). Lastly, I checked the box to enable Speech Rescue, leaving the settings defaulted (3.5-5.1 right, 4.0-5.5 left.), strength 4db (both), high frequency bands on.

Immediate impressions, speech is much better! In fact, all sounds come through better, crisper and clearer, with this caveat: for best speech intelligibility, increasing gain to 1 or 2 is good. This sometimes results in other sounds being uncomfortably loud.

I’m definitely open to suggestions, especially about the gain (0-1-2). Most situations 1 or 2 gives best speech intelligibility, but often causes uncomfortable loudness in other situations. Does that make sense? Thanks.

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Glad you’ve seen improvement.

Your hearing loss is moderate to moderately severe so you should get good results.