I 'got' tinnitus with new HAs

Back in 2014 when I lost hearing, I got tinnitus. It sounded exactly like those audiogram tones. Noticable before bed and especially when they put testing headphones on my head. Maybe because of pressure?

Stopped noticing it until I get into the testing booth.

Wearing widex dream, but didn’t get good comprehension with them in normal environments. In booth with headphones over them was ok.

So I’d say that I basically don’t have tinnitus just allergy to audiograms :joy:

Fast forward to my marvel experiment this year. Last 2 months it’s insane. When I remove HA for the bed, sound is constant wheeze or something.
2-4 months ago it was again back whenever I got those headphones, but only while testing. WRS was 70% at best.

What changed?
With marvels I’ve reached it looks like 100%. I was told it’s that at CI evaluation last week, so they didn’t do those tests I wanted (to test the nerve), and they said that if nerve was damaged I’d have no chance of reaching 100%. So that’s good news.

Since they tested with only few words, I’m not convinced in numbers, so, I’ll have my fitter retest that.

But with simple ‘listen to only that ear using previously unknown material’ test, I definitely can understand almost everything. That’s huge improvement compared to just 2 months ago.

But consequence is noise for bed. If I put earplugs it’s even a bit higher. But without earplugs my hubby’s snoring will woke me and keep me awake. :joy:

I do manage to fall asleep relatively fast if I’m tired.
Pills I take for sleep (staying asleep, not for falling asleep per se) doesn’t seem to have an impact - noise is here, no matter if I take pills or not for a while.

But I am definitely surprised by loudness of that noise.

I don’t hear a bit of it with HAs on, even immediately before pulling them out, and no tinnitus management is used in HAs.
But after I pull them out, lie in bed, after few minutes it starts.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I think that this new HAs send so much stuff during the day and by night my ears and brain are just fried and exhausted, like sore muscles.
I don’t hear this noise when I wake up, with or without HAs.

Would maybe tinnitus management help with not poking ‘my frequencies’ as much during the day so my ears wouldn’t be that exhausted by night? If that’s the cause in the first place at all.

Or tinnitus management does not work that way?

I’ll ask my fitter about ideas but have appointment in a week, he’s completely booked out :joy:
When I came he did ask me about tinnitus and I said I don’t have it. Which was truth back then.

I think he’ll conclude that I’m even more crazy when I say to him, you know, now I have tinnitus because of those HAs :joy:

I read a bit here and see that most of you hear it all the time :frowning: that must be exhausting

I was thinking about sleeping with HAs to test the idea but then snoring would kill me :joy: and since they’re still not mine (I haven’t paid for them) I am a bit afraid to damage them during the sleep so I didn’t experiment with that option.

My basic take on tinnitus is the more you focus on it, the more of an issue it will be. You can go the tinnitus management route with apps and maybe even notch therapy, but I think that creates the wrong frame of mind (kind of like when you have a sore body part and you poke it to see if it still hurts) Actively ignoring something is nigh impossible, but training yourself not to focus on it is doable. Acknowledge that you hear the tinnitus and move on, but don’t dwell on it. You may need to do this many times during the day. If it happens multiple times in rapid succession, I’ve found it humorous and laughing at it sometimes helps. Good luck!


As I said, I only hear it when I remove aids before bed. And then it’s like you keep turning on the volume. Weird.

None during the day with HAs in, but also without HAs during the day as far as I remember. So I’d say that it really isn’t there during the day but starts at night. Is that even possible?

I didn’t expect that HAs that help to hear better will somehow ‘cause’ it to such extent :slight_smile:

At least that’s my interpretation, and I wondered if that’s really how tinnitus could work /get excited.

Maybe it has something with blood pressure and laying down?

Nighttime (when people are trying to go to sleep) is the most common time people report odd symptoms. Hearing pulse in ear is real common (often with concerns that they have an aneurysm) My take (from personal experience and from dealing with patients as a RN, and from yoga/mediation experience is that it’s all about what you do with it in your head. If you worry you won’t be able to sleep and that it’s going to drive you crazy, it’ll be a big problem. If you can let it go, it’ll be much less of a big deal.

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Tinnitus is impacted by stress. I’ve had a lot of people reporting their tinnitus going way up since the pandemic started.

But if it’s a consequence of the new amplification, that seems pretty easy to check. Put in your old hearing aids for a few days and see if it goes away. Even if it does, I’m not sure that would be a reason to not get the new ones if you are seeing dramatic improvement.

Earbuds and music/podcasts work well for me at night when my tinnitus is bad. Just something else for my brain to listen to. I usually put it on a 15 or 20 minute timer.

No way :rofl: I’m not that curious :joy:

With old ones, I feel deaf and disabled compared to this new ones.
Sometimes because of direct streaming I’ll understand something that my perfectly hearing SO won’t :joy:
That’s really nice change. :joy:

But thanks for sharing what else could rev up the tinnitus. I didn’t know that stress could affect it in such a way.

I would usually read forum or something and then I feel it’s calming down or I’m acclimatising, so I guess any work for brain helps.

@MDB now that you mentioned it, I did notice hearing pulse in my ears, also this last several weeks. Never heard that before.

Maybe marvels are just repairing my ear and turning it into super ear but with a tinnitus price. Oh well :joy:

Yeah, stress, illness, quitting caffeine or other drugs of dependency, muscle tension, nighttime tooth grinding. Normal for it to fluctuate in volume and pitch and go away and come back. Normal for it to hang on much longer than whatever the initiating event was, even if that event has resolved.

But when you focus on it the brain will keep it going. Whatever strategies help you to ignore/distract are good. Whatever makes you spend more time thinking and worrying about it is bad.


My tinnitus always seemed worse at night when everything got quiet. Then the tinnitus would scream. Reading the forum what you will see is those that deal with tinnitus learn how to put it in its place. It has to be a non issue. It’s when you concentrate on the tinnitus that it drives you crazy.

Pulsing in the ear can also be high blood pressure which is another cause of tinnitus I believe.

My tinnitus is just general white noise, just about like a white noise sound machine. I have it 24/7/365 and anytime with or without my hearing aids I will notice it if I am in a quiet location. I have had my tinnitus since Thanksgiving 1975, I noticed it as soon as I got off the Air Force cargo jet when we landed in Jakarta Indonesia, it was a flight that began at Andrews Air Force Base, in Maryland. If I am to believe that a cookie bite hearing loss is hereditary then my hearing before that time was not bad enough to cause tinnitus. And to my knowledge none of my family before me has the cookie bite hearing loss, and my children and grandkids do not have the issue either.

I’ve had tinnitus since don’t really know.
Just like CVKemp with hearing aids in if it’s quite I hear it.
At night without the aids I hear it worst.
Started using a cheap noise machine. Don’t really know if it helps.
Like they said try not to pay attention.
I know easier said than done.

I have the same experience. Using amplification causes me to sense more tinnitus at day’s end and sometimes into the next morning. During times where I have used the hearing aids less, the sound is much less prominent. I wish I could be more helpful. All I know, for me, is that I make a choice between clarity of speech and perceived tinnitus volume. They increase and decrease in tandem. I notice the tinnitus most after taking the aids off for the evening.

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One thing I’ve learned from this topic is that tinnitus comes in all shapes and sizes…

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