I got my Epoqs today!

This morning I was fitted with the Epoq XW and Streamer. While it’s still too early to give you an informed review just yet, so far I really like them. I only have a couple of minor problems, one is that my ear mold in my left ear keeps working its way out the canal. I have a very unusual bend in the canal of my left ear so I am going to have to have another mold made for it. The second is that the streamer can only broadcast in Mono, although I knew this going in so it not that big of a deal. The Bluetooth works great, especially on the cell phone. The Ipod works great, but it is hampered by the mono broadcasting streamer.

As for the hearing aid themselves, I had to have them powered down from the original settings that my Audi programmed them. It was just too overwhelming, all the new sounds and everything my brain just couldn’t take that level of input just yet. So my Audi reduced the power and programmed the aids to gradually increase over a period of two weeks. That is based on a 10 hour day of wear, but I think I’ll probably surpass that. She said that is not a problem, and that is actually better for me anyway.

I also had my mom come along and I casually brought up the issue of Auditory Deprivation, which I definitely am going to have trouble with since it’s been two years since I have had HAs in both ears. My Audi explained everything to us about it, and it was an eye opener for my mom. Now I don’t think I’ll have to worry so much about family and friends unrealistic expectations when it comes to my hearing. Nobody knows how to get the word out like my mom.

Just a note. You can have the streamer broadcast in both ears. You audie just needs to set it, if i am not mistaken. But i could be wrong. I remember at an Oticon seminar, the speaker said you have not experienced a cell phone till you heard it in both ears.

I think Rogue meant that he was not getting the sound in stereo (but still hears the broadcast sound in both ears). You can transmit a “mono” signal (as the epoq’s with streamers do) to both ears and it is not stereo.

Stereo sound splits sound between speakers for directionality during movies (such as a space ship going from left to right), and to make music sound much better like on a Ipod.

I like to think of mono as being two dimensional and stereo as being three dimensional.

I do hear it in both ears, just the streamer broadcasts in Mono not Stereo. It’s a minor thing and I’ve already gotten used to it.

Another issue I am having is that the cord for the streamer seems to be defective. Whenever I turn my head to the left the right HA cuts out. It also does it to both if I handle the cord, so there must be something wrong with it. I do have a longer cord I am going to try to determine if it’s the cord or something else.

Also I have a appointment on Tues for a reimpression of my left ear. The mold is working its way out my ear and causing feedback that others can hear but I can’t. When I had my Starkey ITCs, they made the left on longer so it wouldn’t work its way out. I wish I had remembered this when I ordered the Epoqs but oh well, it should fix the problem now. I’ll keep you posted on it turns out.

As far as my opinion of the Epoqs go, right now I am loving them and once I get the minor kinks worked out they should be great for me.

From your description, it does sound like the cord has a short in it or something (there is actually a wire in the neckloop). One thing we were warned about in training was not to unhook the plastic ends of the neckloop as you would a necklace, as that breaks the connection.

I think your idea of changing to the longer cord and seeing if you still have a problem is a good thing to try.

My cord was defective and a new one cured the cut-outs. Having the cell phone transmitted to both ears really helps understand the calls. Also you can mute the mic on the hearing aids with the Streamer and jack up the volume with out feedback. Do you have retainers installed on the hearing aids to keep them in your ear?

I don’t have retainers installed, although that could be an option that my Audi suggests later today. As far as muting the mic on the HAs, well I can do it if I press the music button and the Ipod’s off, however if it’s out of range of the bluetooth Ipod adapter it will eventually shut itself off and turn the aids back on. There might still be a way to do it, I am still reading through the entire instruction booklet and tonight I hope to finish it. Life has been really busy these past few days.

I changed to the longer cord last night and so far it seems to be okay, there was a couple of cutouts but nothing like I was getting with the shorter one. I’ll know more today when I start driving with it, that will be the big test.

that is good to know, about the stereo. AUD101 was so long ago. sorry…brainfart!!!

Well I went to see my Audi today for another ear impression. She said that she is going to have them make it extremely long and we’ll just trim it until I have a comfortable fit.

I also mentioned a problem I have been having that I forgot to mention here. I have been unable to switch programs using the volume button on my aids. My Audi mentioned that she has run into this problem on quite a few Epoqs when they are configured for both volume and program control. She said she is going to tell Oticon about this and see what can be done about it. The good news is that with the 1.1 upgrade to the streamer software, I can change the programs by using the volume control on the streamer. This wasn’t possible before, but my Audi just found out about it.

I also am going to be getting a new cord for the streamer that is shorter than the one I am currently using. That is the one that I was having cutout problems with, and I replaced it with the longer one which is working great so far.

I might reschedule my follow-up appt if the new mold isn’t in yet, as my Audi suggested. Hopefully I won’t have to and she said that given a week and half’s time they will have to make it the mold will be there.

this is part of the new firmware of the epoq 1.1
do ask your audi to upgrade the firmware
it takes 5 minutes and it fix the problem right away…

Are you referring to the program switching?

yes i am , this is one correction of the 1.1 epoq firmware…
there is an upgrade for the the feedback canceller

I’ll mention that to my Audi, thanks again for the info.


Have you noticed a great difference with your Epoq’s? Do you use the Bluetooth with your home or work phone? I felt that was one of the reasons I ordered the Epoq.

Hope you enjoy them

I love the Epoqs, and I use the bluetooth function with my cell phone (which doubles as my home and work phone) and Ipod so far. Eventually I’ll use it for other things but right now this is all I need. There is a HUGE difference in the way I hear things now, it’s like a whole new world out there!

what did you have before?

I honestly hope they were not syncros

For the last two years I have been using a Starkey ITC I forget what model it is, but it was made before I graduated High School in 1991. Also I only had one and that was in my right ear which due to its age, didn’t help much at all.

dannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng that is quite an upgrade
what did U get epoq x ir xW

I got the XW, I figured if I was going to drop that kind of dough on some Epoqs, I might as well get the XWs that have the MyVoice feature.


Picked mine up early this morning and have enjoyed them so far. It’s a bit different listening to myself speak. I was told I would get accustom to that. She did not have the streamer charged so I look forward to getting that to work tomorrow. Curious how many others found their cordless phone did not work well with their Epoqs.

WOW, I can not believe the sounds I now hear. The car ride home had so much more wind noise than the trip to the Audi.

Enjoy yours as I think I will like these very much