I got my aids! (a bit of a Naida review)

Hey all,

Well I finally got my aids today! It has been a month since I last had aids and I am over joyed to have them again! I have Naida V UltraPowers and so far they are pretty good!

I can hear people speaking but it isn’t speech. Basically I am hearing sounds but they don’t make sense and/or words. I understand that that might take time, up to three months or so I have been told. That being said, when I listen to a song or something that I know I can pick out words here and there.

I was at a group meeting tonight and there were about 20 people there. I was able to tell which direction the sounds were coming from and therefore easily identify the speaker and read them. That being said, the since I am only getting sounds it is very difficult to speech read. I find myself focusing a lot more on it, and asking people to repeat themselves more often. Hopefully this will improve with time.

I also seem to be having some feedback problems. Though I can’t hear it, those around me can. I have been asked a few times now why my head is squeeling.

Nothing sounds the same as it did with my old aids. I don’t know how much of this is the Naidas, and how much is my current hearing thresholds. I will talk to my audi about that next time I see her.

Over all I am fairly happy with the aids! If anything I am getting environmental sounds which was all I really wanted. They are keepers for sure!


Glad they are helping you! I haven’t had any feedback issues w/ mine though have had speech clarity issues, I would maybe check with your audi to see about the feedback as I know the naidas are supposed to have feedback cancellation and whistleblock…

I have already emailed my audi with initial observations…including the feedback issues. I also got new earmolds because I was allergic to my old ones. My old ones were soft and I loved them. They were so comfortable, until I had a reaction that is. The new ones are hard and have a pressure point or two in my left ear. I haven’t have hard molds for a LONG time, like since I was very young so I don’t really know what can be done about this. Will my audi be able to fix it herself or will the mold need to be sent away again?

She should be able to grind down the mold to remove the pressure points in the office. I usually try that once or twice, but if it is still causing a problem then I will send it in for a remake.