I feel like i'm eavesdropping

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This is my first week with HAs for my cookie bite. My new job (7 mos here) is in a cubicle environment where everyone whispers (and i thought mumbled too). So this encouraged me to finally get some HAs. Well, now I hear everything!! I am still trying to figure out which volume setting is the best for me while working at my desk. The audiologist said i might find the office louder and uncomfortable but i find its amazing. I can hear everyones conversations!! (In the past, I had always taken private calls on my cell phone outside bc i wasn’t sure how much others could hear…apparently they can hear it all)

I feel like i’m eavesdropping - I never heard any of this before!! Now i can see how people would pop out of their cubicles and join in a conversation from down the aisle…i always wondered what they were talking about.

Funny thing is that in a cubicle environment, i am having a hard time figuring out where the voices are coming from. It helps that i recognize all the voices and i have a good idea where most of them sit. But if someone has gone into someone elses cubicle - i have almost no idea where they are talking from. I’ve trying turning around and seeing if i can locate the direction and then pop my head up to confirm if i am correct. I’ve even heard conversations which have shown that others are discouraged about the same things i am. I was wondering if my volume was too high, was i intruding privacy?? But then another co-worker popped his head into my cubicle and said - “hey looks like she agrees with you!” - so he could hear the conversation too!

I did manage to have a long conversation with on soft-speaking co-worker and another who was outside the cubicle. I spoke to them normally and even told a joke which got a good response. Sounds silly a bit, but this is a very big deal!! I have felt so isolated in this new job and i did not realize how much of that was due to my hearing loss. (My old job was in a office environment, i had been there 10 yrs and knew everyone well, and well in my opinion they were all quite loud - so this is very different). I was so happy yesterday. My hearing aids are helping me make friends. :smiley:


Usually, the aids work even better after several adjustments too.

I enjoyed reading your post. During my whole 11 days with HA’s, I’ve discovered so many sounds that I had forgotten existed. And it’s so vice to not have to say, “What did you say?” several times a day.

Glad it’s going so well for you.

congrats :slight_smile: I know how it can be not being able to hear or understand what people are saying when they speak quietly. My grand kids knew that if they whispered they could get away with saying anything, but when grandma got hearing aids that actually did there job, she started catching on to what the kids were doing. They are quite ingenious for their age, they had been tricking grandma into doing things with them that my daughter didn’t want them doing, or seeing. But now I can hear them whispering and can simply just say no…even though sometimes granny will still let them have a little fun :wink: what are grandparents for haha :slight_smile:

We are for spoiling!!! :d

Reminds me of the old man that got HA’s, and when he went back for an adjustment, the audi asked him how his family liked his new ears. He said he hadn’t told any of them about the HA’s…but he had changed his will 3 times.

Wish there was a like button a la facebook, unpaidbill. :slight_smile:

OMG I felt the same thing with my FM system being on and not on mute but I’m like a spy. :cool: