I feel inattentive in social gathering with ReSound LiNX 3D RIC

Thanks for your input. I’ve tried custom molds but I would prefer dome. I went to see different audiologist for reprogram. She switched me back to dome. Then, I realized that the first audiologist wasn’t doing it right.

You can get a custom tip made which is barely bigger than a dome but gives superior sound and sits right down inside your ear. Widex do them and called custom slim tip, can be see through and receiver is protected inside it. Took us from 93% to 100% speech recognition, it just gives that clarity boost. The settings need to be redone after though.

My husband says I do the same thing as you mentioned, “Butt In” when folks are not finished with their story, sometimes an appropriate pause is used to enhance a story or worse still we start talking about something completely different, totally off subject.
I don’t know why I do this, I completely change the subject.

So, now that I know what I do I’m very conscious to keep quite.

Thanks for posting this.


Yes cjpines, thank you… tis very easy for us HOH to go off subject, approximately 30% of words are unique and easily distinguishable on the lips, but unfortunately, the other 70% can be misinterpreted as something else and in a room with lots of background noise or poor acoustics, (poor lighting, high ceiling, hard floor) we are going to struggle badly as we have lost the context of the topic of conversation so we now start talking about what we thought we heard…

Subconsciously we all lip read to some extent, we look for visual clues, facial expression, I am quite good at reading people’s eyes, I try to hold eye contact, ultimately we are looking for contextual information so we can get the gist of what is being said…… Although constant eye contact in certain cultures may be regarded as rude or aggressive?

At one time many years ago I was trained in deaf communications tactics, I would go into factories or offices and tutor managers/supervisors and hearing workers on how to communicate effectively with their deaf workers, most managers and staff were quite oblivious to the Hard of Hearing (HOH) problems, they naturally thought the Hearing Aids corrected your hearing, this was a very rewarding job once you knew you had hopefully enlightened them, then there HOH staff were most likely to be less stressed out…… Unfortunately the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) in UK had very little teeth to force larger employers to undertake such training, they were advised to take in such training but it wasn’t mandatory for them to do so, it was a great pity the training folded as we were making the life of HOH workers much better…. Cheers Kev.