I entered my audiogram but there's no symbol next to my avatar


Any idea why the symbol doesn’t show up next to my avatar? I do see my audiogram in my profile.


After you entered it, did you SAVE?


I think I saved it. I just edited it (though I can’t say how I managed to get to that), and saved it again,


Now you’ve gone backwards. At first you had your WRS. Now you don’t.
Did you go through these instructions?


I re-entered WRS. Now WRS and audiogram are visible to a non-logged-in session (i.e. not just to me). But I still don’t have the up arrow next to my avatar, so someone answering me might not bother to look.


Hmm. But even if there’s a problem with the symbol with the lower right…clicking on your avatar still doesn’t give an audiogram in the popup. Clicking on the blue Hearing Tracker Profile link shows it in a whole other window but not in the popup. Looks like a job for @abram_bailey_aud.


We are looking into it. Thanks for reporting this.


A recent upgrade to our forum platform created a bug in our audiogram import system, but we have resolved it now. Anyone else with this issue, please send me a PM or leave a message here.