I com and pacemakers

I presently am wearing Otocon Agil Pros, with streamer. I know that Otocon does
not condone using the streamer when having a pacemaker. I have been using the
streamer for three years without any adverse effects. My hearing is severe to
profound, and I must use the streamer for the telephone, and TV.

I am getting fitted with the Naida S CRT IX from the VA, and will also get the ICom.
Does anybody else use these products with a packemaker? Is there any other
maker that dosen’t have this restriction. I pesonally think the radiation that these
Bluetooth devices emit is so low, and that the restriction is more of a legal cover.


Icom is discontinued so would be surprised if you get the icom. Compilot is more up to date and doesn’t have the many ‘bugs’ that the icom has.

In the manual, it states that people with pacemakers shouldn’t use the compilot.

ComPilot uses same tech re:pacemakers as the iCom…

Usually most companies, if you call to ask if there is interference (the pacemaker co not the HA one) will say it probably won’t effect it but that there is no guarantee on that. So most clinicians will err on the side of caution and not recommend the patient wear one.

ReSound’s wireless products and maybe Starkey’s I think don’t have this restriction because the device isn’t worn around the next like Phonak’s. I think the issue is it’s proximity to the heart/electronics…

I have been wearing hearing aids 40+ years(profound loss in both ears) and have had a pacemaker for the last 8 years. When I first got the pacemaker, my cardiologist told me to ask the pacemaker company, and they said I should ask the hearing aid maker. I think they don’t want any liability so that is why they have the warning. I have never had a problem with either product, and I use my streamer all the time