I am tired of saying what. Any help would be appreciated

Hi, folks as of now my miracle ear hearing aids are not working. I went with an online provider and trailed Phonak Paradise and Oticon More aids. After assuring me that they would accept my insurance I find out through their insurance dept that I will not be reimbursed. So what I want to do is set up an appointment with Costco hearing center. I would have to join the club and make the hour and half trip. In the meantime I am looking for an inexpensive aid to get me through the period while I wait for the Costco appointment. I am tired of saying what. Any help would be appreciated.

Those headphone ear bud things like Jabra’s have onboard mics for ambient sound.
Sound World Solutions is a lesser type of hearing aid that one member here used to have.

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Bose Hearphones and the newest Apple Air pods have some hearing aid type functions. These are $500 or less and could still be helpful after you get hearing aids for listening to music.

You can join on line. Make an appointment from home. Go to the appointment that is usually within 2 weeks or less. Return for your aids and fitting within 2 weeks, usually 8-10 days.

This would put you in aids within 3-4 weeks. Make it happen and don’t spend money on alternatives.


I agree w/ Raudrive.

And FYI since you are so far from CostCo, think about if you want the $60 or the $120 membership.

With the $120 membership, you will also get the CostCo VISA card. If you purchase the hearing aids on that card, then you extend the warranty. You also earn rewards on your purchases. And the hearing aids will give you a good number of rewards points.

If you buy the CostCo hearing aids, the 3 year warranty gets extended to 5 years. Only for parts not labor. If you buy a different brand, you get a1 year extension.
BUT you have to maintain the membership for all 5 years.

With the $60 membership, you do not earn rewards, and you do not get their VISA card so you do not extend the warranty.


May want to double check as I joined last summer at the $60 membership and have the Costco card. On the basic HA purchase, $30 reward BUT must go back to Costco to get the reward. I need to double check about the warranty as a 2 person family not much interest in Costco.

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They mail out a check with the reward payment; you take that into CostCo and cash it there;or buy stuff and use↓it↓that↓way.

In USA, they only offer the VISA card with the Executive membership.

It’s possible it varies state to state. I don’t know, but it’s not that way in California. The $60 membership gets you the 2 year extended warranty. It also gets you rewards if you get their Visa. There’s no extra charge for the Visa. The rewards are increased with the $120 membership

Colorado here, and I have the Costco VISA with the $60 membership.

I think hearing aids aside, my membership is worth it just on the few items I buy regularly there. I know it was worth it when I used to buy dog food there - can’t now, allergic dog, but I still buy Cosequin and other things for the dogs there. Maybe they changed policy on the VISA card and grandfathered in those who already had it on the $60 membership?