I am so confused on the choices

My hearing results are:

      R      L

250 30 30
500 25 30
1000 25 35
2000 50 50
4000 60 75
8000 60 60

I have been to two different Audi’s. One said I am good for BTE open fit aids and the other said I am borderline and if I have any further hearing loss that open fits would not strong enough for me. I am not sure which one is right.
Also, I like the open fit BTE very much and if I decide to try those the choices I have are between these, Siemens, Rexton, Oticon.

Do you think I am good for open fits? If so, which of the brands would you suggest? Any help would be appreciated.


In my opinion you are suitable for open fits, There will also be some spare amplification, that will not be used immediately, so if your hearing does worsen, it can be adjusted.
You then need to decide what your budget is, & spend some time shopping around for the best deal, I work for Specsavers Hearcare, and Know that we can often beat prices previously quoted elsewhere by several thousand pounds, for comaparable or even BETTER systems!


Thank you for your reply. I am hoping that open fit will work well for me as I am uncomfortable with the idea of plugging up my ears with hard plastic devices.

I am still shopping around and determined not to pay the outrages prices that some have quoted me. However, it does appear that having to make adjustments on hearing aids are quite common and so I have pretty much ruled out ordering anything over the internet.

I found a local place that will give me a 60 day trial period and free adjustments for the life of the aid. It appears the Audi at this place does not work on commission so I am hoping to get an honest evaluation and recommendation from her. The prices seem lower than anything else I have found locally. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks and will see what she has to offer.



You being borderline for open fit hearing aids does not matter if you are fitted with BTE devices that are capable of accepting regular ear molds.

You could wear your new aids for a while, and if eventually your hearing deteriorates requiring you to have more power, you could replace the open fit design with a more traditional kind of mold that would allow far more power into your ears.

Modern molds are very comfortable in both open fit and regular fit versions. So if you can get a nice light weight small device that can take both kinds of mold, you should have a solution that will last for many years, even if your hearing does get worse. You can buy a set of new molds typically for $100, and you may not need to do this for a few years.

Just be sure to ask your specialist if your aid can be converted in this way.


Here are some examples of some open fit devices. Note that only the bottom one is capable of being both a traditional BTE and a modern open fit device.

Oh, and to answer your first question, I am okay with Siemens, I like Oticon, but I don’t like Rexton. You forgot to mention Starkey, the largest American brand. Also be careful with price shopping, you do get what you pay for to some extent. Make sure you are comparing like with like, check on the price of after care. If this Audiologist you are going to see is any good, she should be able to let you listen to some real hearing aids right after the test. This will give you a very graphic demonstration of what the hearing aids sound like. Personally, I would never buy from anyone who did not include demonstration of real hearing aids as part of a test.