I am seeking advice or opinions on ITE aids


I am 70 years of age and I have been wearing hearing aids for 37 years. I suffer from otosclerosis. The aids I am wearing now are in the ear Starkey W11 110HC. These have served me reasonably well for over six years but I have had many problems with faults on them. I found them to be unreliable and I have spent a significant sum on repairs…

During the last two or three years I lost a lot of weight, which affected the fitting of the moulds and I decided it was time to replace them rather than spend more on getting two new moulds.

My hearing loss is quite severe and my audiologist suggested that I try GN Resound LT9-ITE/UP aids as they were amongst the only ITE aids with the required power. I tried these but they had a resonance issue, which caused a noise/feedback problem. They were returned to be reworked and they came back with no improvement. I am now back to square one and seeking advice on where I should go now.

Can anyone advise on whether ITE aids are still possible for my level of Hearing loss. I have attached my audiogram.



Based on my own personal experiences and your audiogram, I’d say not.
You would be far better off with some BTE hearing aids and custom moulds. Same as myself.



I would say possible but not your best option. My hearing isn’t as bad as yours and I do wear ITE aids. But I know if my hearing gets worse I will have to have a BTE hearing aids and I am not looking forward to that time.

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Phonak has a super power in CIC style, but you may get better hearing results with a BTE or RIC style. They offer wireless in CIC so if you go with that they have accessories for phone use and a tv transmitter. Getting phone calls and tv transmitted to both hearing aids increases understanding. Other brands offer accessories also.

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With hearing loss that severe in both ears you would need power aids. IMO you definitely need a BTE and a custom mold. Then I would still ask the question do they help you? Make sure you have a long trial period so you can assess the usefulness of the aids so if they don’t help you can return them to try a different brand.



You have a significant conductive portion within your loss, this effectively means that you are beyond the amount of stable gain that an ITE can provide.

The best option would be a UP behind the ear, with a thick-wall tubed silicone mould.

RIC Aids with a custom mould/UP receiver may provide a better visual compromise, and better recharging options.



Many thanks for the replies folks.

I am now more or less resigned to the fact that I need to go for a behind the ear solution. My audiologist has suggested these.

Oticon OPN S1
GN Resound Linx 9
Starkey Livio AI 2400
Widex Evoke Fusion2 440

Any comments?



Who is your audiologist if you don’t mind me asking?
I’m guessing it’s not an NHS supplier?

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No, not NHS. I use a private audiologist in Glasgow.



Thought as much. Just thought I’d check, given the wide availability of models to choose from. Any reason why private and not NHS? Don’t have to answer if this is too nosey. :laughing:

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I have a moderate to severe loss. Actually more on the severe side if you look at my audiogram.

A few comments:

First of all, I am surprised nobody has recommended the Phonak Virto ITC B UP. This is what I wear and it has 70DB of gain. I still have some headroom in my aids, and although they are not quite as powerful as my BTE aids, they do an amazing job. Yes, they don’t have the overall feeling of sound that you get with a BTE, but for speech, I feel I hear better.

Secondly - why has your audiologist not recommended Phonaks? I find that absolutely bizarre.

Thirdly - NHS V Private. If the NHS are doing REM and supply a bluetooth solution, and you get an Oticon or Phonak, then you may only be a couple of years behind the latest on the private market. If you want direct bluetooth - without an intermediate streamer - then you will need to go private. Also - you won’t get custom on the NHS - no CIC/ITC or ITE.



If you’re willing to consider a BTE (as opposed to RIC) as um bongo suggested, I’d consider the Resound Enzo 3D.



Um bongo has given you great advice for the right reasons.
He’s the pro.

His best recommendation is the best.

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So what makes\models are these then?

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Oticon OPN S (Iphone), Phonak Marvel (Iphone and android), Signia Pure(Iphone), Widex Evoke(Iphone), Bernafon Viron(Iphone), Resound Linx Quattro (Iphone), Starkey Livio(Iphone).



There are probably 100+ HA’s that are certified MFi. See the bottom of the page at that link. Android, not so many…

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Looks like the only one for me is the Phonak Marvel then, if I were to consider going private. I don’t do iPoo. Yuk.



So, what is it that makes people so BTE adverse that they will sacrifice power to get into a RIC?

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Seems like everyone wants small aids. The RIC aids allow them to be a touch smaller.
I am trying RIC aids for the first time. They really don’t seem any different than BTE aids.
ITE aids are something I would like to try. Now that I know my upper frequencies are bad, lower powered aids with a good frequency lowering capabilities will work for me. cvkemp has me thinking about them.

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I have NHS aids and they don’t work for me.